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We're going to Seattle, oh no we're not

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Going back to October time when we were still trying to make Whistler work we hired cars and had multiple trips to Whistler on our days off. When the idea was becoming more and more impossible James suggested Toronto. This was one of the days we had hired a car driving to Whistler. We got there and looked around and pretty much ruled out chances of a ski season so we drove to Seattle! We were very optimistic. Whistler is a couple hours away from Vancouver and Vancouver is a 4-6 hours away from Seattle. Bah. But it was before midday and we had payed for the car so why not? We drove for ages and got to the border. "Do you have any fruit or veg in your car"?     "Oh, just a bag of grapes but I can get rid of them because they aren't very good"  And then we were held up for half an hour and had our fingerprints scanned and were asked questions like criminals would be. Just get rid of the grapes and then the issue is over. Official agricultural woman goes to the car and checks out these nuissant grapes. "They're in season so they're fine" Ahhhhh. And then we pay $14 to get across and James says "If we don't like America, can we get a refund?" Best line ever.

Unfortunately it was raining beyond heavily, dangerously. We were hungry, needed to pee, tired and so so moody. The drive was long and it was getting dark by the time we got there. I wanted to have a nice meal but James really wanted a 'Jack in the Box', reliving delicious memories of the past. We pretty much drove there and back and ate some burgers and milkshake. The memory is more fun than the experience.


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We're going to Whistler, oh no we're not

Seattle, United States