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Ontario Is The Great City And State Of California

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Ontario is the great city and state of California. This city is a good travel facility in tourist. There are good attractions points in museum, Ontario mills and chino town square in this city. My family is first time four day visit in this city. I got these hotels through internet by searching with hotels in ontario. I reached that city by LA Ontario International Airport. This airport was very beautiful decorated. The airport was good travel facilities in tourist include taxi, bus and train. But I called taxi and reached to my ayres ontario hotel at noon. I put my luggage in room and get fresh and take lunch.

After that I went to see the Museum of History and Art was a public private museum which was very nice and beautiful. The museum was good items collections include exhibit catalogs and other books and publications, exhibit posters and educational books and other materials.

The Ontario Mills Mall a very popular outlet mall in Ontario which mall features entertainment the whole family can enjoy, plus a variety of restaurants and snack shops. On this page, you'll discover the stores, dining, theaters and other establishments and plan your day of outlet-shopping fun.

Ontario Chino Town Square will provide housing adjacent to Ontario’s CivicCenter, a block from the City Library, and a few miles from OntarioInternationalAirport.  If the visionaries are correct, adventure, restaurants, boutique shops and internet cafes will bring additional traffic to the downtown area. But I came back to cheap hotels at evening. I like this city and good trip for my life in OntarioCity.


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