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Interesting Mountains for hiking in Phoenix

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Phoenix is most popular city as well as the capitol of Arizona in the United States . This city draws many visitors for its sightseeing, attractions, nightlife, and a lot of lodging facilities also. I went to this city in my last winter holidays. Before going there, I heard a lot about the desert area and destinations of this city. But when I feel these things from closer then I feel very happy. This city gave me a lot of life experiences. I went to this city by air. My flight dropped me on phoenix sky harbor international airport. While traveling in flight one of guys who was sitting nearer to me also going to this city. He became my friend and both of us came together outside from the airport. After leaving the airport, the guy asked me in which hotel you are staying? I told them my hotel name and I also asked them about their hotel. After sometime, I told the guy to for a cafeteria where we can take some snacks and also can talk each other. After ordering the coffees, sandwiches, and eggs the guy asked me from which hotel you reserved your hotel. At this, I told him that I searched on net by phoenix hotels from which I found some hotel sites. After seeing all these I selected one of them which give me a large number of hotels in phoenix containing with all the facilities. After getting this list, I reserved my hotel there. As I reached to my hotel, then I found that my hotel was very nice with indoor as well as outdoor areas also. I check in my hampton inn phoenix hotel and went to my room for taking rest because I was so tired. After freeing from the rest, I enjoyed the facilities of my hotel like went to fitness center, conference room, and go to pool for swimming. After swimming, I went to my room and prepare myself for market for taking some guidance about this city. In market first of all I take some junk food and interact with the people also. After this, I went to a restaurant where I take my dinner and returned back to my hotel. This day of my trip also was interesting as this was the first day of my trip. The next day, I get up early in morning and went for jogging in my hotel’s park. After jogging, I prepared myself for the trip as the taxi had been reached to my hotel. After taking breakfast, I went to parking of my hotel where my taxi was standing. First of all, my taxi takes me on desert botanical garden which was the most famous place for tourists and I also take a lot of enjoy at this place. At this place first of all, I went on mountains for hiking which was my favorite and also it was so interesting. This was the time of evening when I came back from hiking and like to take some rest in garden. This botanical garden was very nice and at this place I felt very close proximity with nature. This day, my taxi driver also became very familiar with me. After taking rest, we went to some other attractions also which was very nice. After these, we take our dinner and my taxi driver also joined me and take enjoy. After taking my dinner, my taxi leave me at hotel and I go to my room for taking a good sleep. On the third day, my taxi has been reached to my hotel at time but I was not at time. After freeing from the daily routine, I came outside my hotel and went for other destinations. First my taxi takes me to a restaurant where I take my breakfast. After taking breakfast, I went on Arizona science center which was very nice. This science museum showing the mystery of this whole world and this was my great experience. After seeing this museum, I went to see phoenix zoo which was very nice place. This zoo is the home of over of thousands of animals which was making this place most interesting and diverse place for both kids and adults. After this, I went to Phoenix Park which was very wonderful and the largest city park in Europe . This park was contained with a lot of colorful fountains which were very nice. At this place, I take a lot of enjoy of recreational activities also like football and cricket. At the late evening I went to streets of phoenix where I ate some good things like burger, pizza, and chicken soup. From markets I also do shopping. As this was the winter day, there was an event also organizing to which I enjoyed a lot. After this I reached to my hotel and enjoy in my hotel also. When I reached to hotel then that guy called me and said I am standing out your hotel. I came outside and enjoy each other. When we meet then the guy said to me let’s go for a bar. I also agreed and take very light drink. We shared our feelings also. At late night I reached to my hotel. On the fourth day, my taxi driver was late and me also. But my taxi has been reached to me before leaving my hotel. After getting my taxi, the guy said me I brought something for you. He brought some eatable things which were new and the taste was very nice. This day first of all I went to heard museum which was the world famous the celebrating the arts and culture of Americans. In this museum I also saw a very large collection of Hopi Kachina dolls which were so amazing! This day I also went to phoenix convention center which was very large area for organizing events and conferences. Some events were organizing at this place which was so interesting. In night, I went to clubs also for enjoying the music and dance. I also enjoyed the nightlife of this city and returned back to my hotel where I made the payment of my taxi and said to me whatever anything there only I will leave you on airport. By seeing his love with me I could not refuse him and agreed him. The last day, I visit around the streets of my hotel and went to market for taking some good things. At the time of noon , taxi reached to me and I also checked out my cheap hotels with a lot of colorful moments to which them I got from this city. I also give a great thanks to my taxi and give him some tip also. He was also very impressed with me and not charges any for leaving me on airport. My flight was late and I and my taxi guy take some foods at a restaurant. After this, I caught my flight and returned back to home with these colorful moments.


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