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Enjoyment of River Walk Holidays At San Antonio

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San Antonio is second largest city in the united states of Texas and most popular for its sightseeing, attractions, destinations, nightlife, and accommodation listing like hotels. I know about this city very well because I visited this city. This city attracts the tourists for its destinations and draws many visitors every year. One of my friends told me about this city because he was going to this city with his family and also suggests me to go there. My friend also showed me your photographs and clips. After seeing all these, I made a wish to visit this city. When I came back from this city then I think to write something about this city but under work pressure I forget it. When my relatives asked me about my San Antonio trip then I showed them my photos. At that moment I also remembered to write. After this, I started to write on San Antonio. I also told them more about this city. This city is most popular for its river walk, historical parks, and home of sea world. This city has good connectivity by air, road, and train. To visit this city public transit services are available. This service is also divided into four types skip, express, frequent, and metro. For accommodation there are a lot of San Antonio hotels which are cheap and well containing with ultra modern facilities. I also reserved my hotels in San Antonio before going to this city. I also worried about my hotels that which hotel I should take. I also thought that as this is second popular city so hotels of this city will be more costly. But when I searched on net by hotels in san antonio then I found a hotel site which gives me a large list of cheap hotels in San Antonio. From this site I reserved my hotel there and give me a very exciting discount offer on reservation. From this hotel site I also able to know about my hotel like location, facilities, and attractions which are situated around my hotel? I went to this city by air for six days. My flight dropped me on San Antonio international airport from where my hotel was situated at a few distance. When I reached to my hilton san antonio hotel then I feel very surprise. As this was the first day of my trip, I take enjoy only around my hotel. I was unable to go for any destination, as I was tired during my journey. I went to market for taking junk food and knowing more about San Antonio destinations. This day I enjoyed the facilities of my hotels. The service of my hotel was fast and very cool.

Second day of my trip, I went The Almo which was most famous battle site and well known landmark. This place was very nice. After this, I went to San Antonio national park which was very nice place containing with many cultural sites with natural areas. I also went to San Antonio information center from where every visitor gets useful information about San Antonio and their locations.

Third day of my trip, I went to river walk which was an excellent place. This attraction looks more beautiful at the time of Christmas and new party and this place is also best for organizing parties. I spent my whole day at this place which gives me some nice moments. On the third day of my trip, I went to sea world which was most famous amusement parks. At this place I do water skiing, riding, and saw different species of animals. I also saw the world famous shamus show, sea lions, sharks, and fish. Their activities were same as they do in wild. After this I went to botanical garden which was the wonderful attraction. This park was containing with lush greenery, flowers and plants. Fourth day of my trip, I went to San Antonio zoo containing with different species of animals and it is one of the largest in United States. I also went to children’s museum – a place for making beautiful artwork. I also went to museum of art, art league, and central library where large collections of books were there. This day I also enjoy the nightlife of this city and went to music clubs to take enjoy of music and dance. I also went to San Antonio winery where a large variety of wines were there. At this place I also take little drink and went to restaurant for taking dinner which was situated in my hotel. After taking dinner, I go to my bed.

Fifth day of my trip, I went to historical park which was very nice and every thing in this park has its own beautiful history. I also went to the market square. I also went to shopping stores to take some good things for collecting memories. The rest of day I spent in my discount hotel rooms which give me very nice experience of life. I also enjoyed in my cheap hotelswith fun and enjoyment.

Sixth day of my trip, I visited around my hotel for collecting memories. After collecting memories I check out my hotel with memorable moments of life and returned back to home.


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