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Beach Destinations Like Virginia Beach Where Visitors Meets With Adventures To Enjoy Holidays

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Virginia Beach is very good travel city in the state of Virginia which is the most popular destination, nightlife, sightseeing, restaurant, cheap hotels and one of the most attraction cities for tourists which are beach, the state parks and Back Bay national wildlife refuge beckon, hiking, kayaking, and biking adventures. Virginia Beach is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the Chesapeake Bay and North Carolina, and provides miles of beachfront for activities in the Virginia sun. Fishing, golfing, whale watching, dolphin watching, historic landmarks, and exciting attractions and popular events are part of the beach experience. I am first time visit in this city. In this city the first option was that we should go to our booked hotels in virginia beach which we choose from a list of hotels and showed us images and facilities. After taking a little refreshment we came outside for taking juice and fruits and then came back to our hotel for enjoying this city. I reached that city by NorfolkInternationalAirport. But I called taxi and reached to my hilton virginia beach hotels at noon. I put my luggage in room and get fresh and take lunch. After lunch I came back to hotel and planned my next day trip.


First day, in this city we see only sights of this city. This day we see aquarium, science center, and wildfowl heritage museum. All these attractions were very interesting. To see aquarium we take a nature trail.

Second day, we went to convention center and ocean breeze water park where special events, fests, trade shows, water slides, and water shows can be seen. At these places we also enjoy water activities and this day we also enjoy nightlife of this city at these places which was so interesting.

Third day we spent for activities. This day we went to state parks and wildlife refugee where we found a lot of adventures like golfing, surfing, walking, and birding where we saw songbirds, shorebirds, butterflies and more. This day we can enjoy all activities because rests were day activities and after sunset they were not enjoyable.

Fourth day, we go for kayaking, canoeing, fishing, dolphin, swimming, boating, and whale watching which give an interactive view of this city.

Fifth day, we also went to see birding one time more because it was an interesting place to see all types of birds. This day we find something different like whale swimming, waterfowl, and first lading state park which were most visited park in this area. This park was interesting place to enjoy hiking, trails, ocean beach and more.

Sixth day we collect all our memorize moments and up to time of noon we leave this city for our hometown.

While traveling to hometown all of us make fun of each other to remember all moments and promise for next holidays to make a get together. All of us enjoyed very much these destinations.


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Beach Destinations Like Virginia Beach Where Visitors Meets With Adventures To Enjoy Holidays

Virginia Beach , United States