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Boardwalk Adventure You Must See At Ocean city

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First time, after the collage completed, we went to Ocean city, MD with our closed friends group. It was superb time for all of them because we enjoyed to there very well. The Beach attractions were superb and never forget to till date. Still I have not time to visit there again, second all guys are busy but hope we will to visit on Ocean city again. Now I am telling you the perfect Ocean City trip experience, which was so excitement and had done past months ago.

It was first long days trip to us and too far city trip for all of them. We had visited to lots of across the city famed destinations to our town and state but it was the first time when we visited to outside of state. Nice experiences we had got it to there. We had there fishing, swimming, camping, boating, kayaking, walking, shopping, fun on the sunset time, ate vary of meals, specially the famed seafood’s to there. Across the city, street-walking travel was to fabulous because got the knowledge their culture and traditions. Well we planned to Ocean city before left the city, then gathered all guys in a coffee shop where we decided guys, how much places we will see and how much worth of money will come with us on Ocean city travel. Every calculations we got it and Next days all of them went to our city international airport and departed to Ocean city, Maryland. In evening time, we reached to Ocean city aviations point, where we got our luggage’s, hired taxies and moved to hotels in OC,which was reserved by us with help of the online. That hotels name was Comfort Suites Ocean city .Basically, it was cheap hotels to there. We were 6 guys, three rooms we reserved. Every cheap hotel rooms had two bed and it was for best for us. In our group two girls also, so they moved in one rooms. We are tired, so took the shower everybody and gathered in our room, where we decided that took the dinning closed the nearest hotels restaurants. Just like our planning, we did it dinning. Came back our rooms for sleep, and due to tiredness we slept soon..

Next Morning, got up in early time every body. All of them ate our breakfast in one room. Ocean city is huge travel destinations. Visitors love to there for- skyscraper hotels, clean beaches, restaurants, the boardwalk, amusement parks, beachfront lodging and the large convention center. But a simple bay sunset may be the greatest pleasure for every visitor—like that feeling brought we went to Ocean fresh beach. Here were the more excitement activities. The best activity was scuba diving, it was artificial and natural both are existed. IN our team few guys took the enjoyment of scuba diving, girls were enjoyed at beach water swimming and other fun like sunbath, watching wind surfing and more.

In night all of guys enjoyed the drink at OC Frogs-is located in end of boardwalk. It was great and fabulous places for every ages guys. We got lots of entertainment to there with more fun. In late night we came back our hotel room.

Next day, all guys moved towards the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum-located in 401 S Atlantic Ave. where we watched the unbelievable things. I suggest to everybody if you visit to Ocean city then don’t missed  out that place. After that we moved ahead of the Wheels of Yesterday. It was also fabulous place for all of us.

Next two days we enjoyed at the Jolly Roger Amusement Park. It was awesome place and where you can make more fun around the vary of entertainment things. Vary of activities and show you can watch at cheap admissions. Second Last day of my trip we went to Trimper’s Rides is located S. First St. & The Boardwalk , where the boardwalk begin it was started to there. Outstanding amusement park to be found there after there entertainment departed to Lombardi's Restaurant is located 9303 Coastal Hwy. Here we ate the best pizza. So delicious and soft food four us, in addition, took the some drink in night at Fishtails and it was located 22nd street and the bay. Past few day we took the awesome entertainment to there. I was so tired about the trip and came back to all in our cheap hotels in ocean city rooms where we packed our luggage’s. Next day we left the hotel and came back to our town. All guys were too  happy about the trip and never forget Ocean city trip.


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