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TIPS for 1st Time Visitor

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Good manners are very important to Indonesian people, and since you will be treated as an honored guest in this country, it is only right to repay that courtesy by showing respect for the traditions and culture. Never touch somebody’s head unless you become very close friend. If you see any offerings on the pedestrian walk, try to walk beside them, do not step on, because offerings for Balinese is an very important and very sacred. And when you come upon procession either while you’re driving or walking in the street, please be patient and you should treat them with respect. Don’t walk in front of people praying and never sit higher than priest. For woman during menstruation are not allowed enter the temple.

On the Road

The traffic in Bali is ruled by common sense. Give way to anything bigger than you, bikes especially are in very weak position. Don’t get angry if other road user’s don;t drive the way you’re used to in your own country. Using the vehicle’s horn in Bali is a precaution and not meant in an offensive manner.

Health Risk

Minimal, although there’s always the risk of Bali belly, don’t drink the tap water always drink from bottled water, be careful what you eat. Choose to eat the places that seem busy and popular ( you could check out in our blogs). Protect yourself from mosquitoes, especially in the rainy season. Always using sunblock for your skin when you go to the beach.

Visa-Entry Requirements

Citizens of the following countries receive a free 30 days visa on arrival : Brunei, Chili, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Citizens of the following countries pay US $ 25 cash or 30 days visa on arrival:Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt , Finland,France,Germany,Hungary,India,Ireland,Italy,Japan,Kuwait,Luxembourg,

Maldives,New Zealand,Norway,Oman,Poland,Portugal,Qatar,Russian,Saudi Arabia, South Africa,South Korea,Spain,Switzerland,Taiwan,USA,UAE,UK,

Nationals country that not listed above should get a visa from an Indonesian embassy or consulate before arrival, or they will be turned away at the airport.Please note that visas on arrival are non-extendable,so if 30daysis not enough you should get tourist visa from Indonesian embassy or consulate before you arrive, these are valid for 60days.and your passport must valid 6 months beyond your stay.

Airport Tax

International = IDR150000 Domestic IDR 30000

Timezone and Climate

is GMT 8hours, Rainy season October till March

Money Changers

Always change your money in the bank or authorized money changer


For accomodation you could check


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