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Josephine's Gift Shop, Tea Room and Montecello House are a must see destination!

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Godfrey, Illinois ---     Josephine's , the Tea Room and Montecello House are all on the same property owned by Sherri and her husband.  The property was greatly expanded through the years to its present condition by adding on the Tea Room to the store and buying a house next door for Montecello House.

Sherri, the owner and home decor guru, has always had a tremendous talent for home decorating and we have been going there for years. The holidays are the absolute best time to visit the retail shop and you won't believe the arrangements of gifts for sale there.  See photos of recent Christmas gifts for sale.  Every room is chocked full of awesome arrangements, even though the store is rather small as it was a home at one time long ago.  Now with expanded holiday hours, they will be open on Sundays by Thanksgiving Day, but to save a long trip if they are not open, get their hours of operation for the day you plan on visiting.  Call the gift shop at 618-466-7792.

Reservations are advised for the reletively new Tea Room which serves only lunch, but be prepared for large portions on some of the dishes.  Sandwiches are typical size however.   Also be prepared to dine in unreal and beautiful decorated surroundings.  Call Josephine's Tea Room to be sure it is open for your arrival.  Sundays they may be closed.   Call 618-466-7796 for more details.

Montecello House has its own phone as well, but to check on it you can still call the gift shop for their hours.  Montecello House is all about designer clothing for woman only.  If you enjoy flashy outfits or just plain formal wear, visit the House.   The decorating for the holidays or anytime is wonderful too, but not as awesome as the gift shop and Tea Room.

You can get to Josephine's Gift shop at 6109 Godfrey Road in Godfrey, Illinois 62035  which is not too far northeast of Alton, Illinois.  Alton is not too far from downtown St. Louis, Missouri.  The fastest way to get there from the Gateway Arch is to take I-70 north a little to exit at Salisbury street and look for the Mckinley Bridge which will put you on Illinois highway 3 northbound.  Pass under I-270 and go further north till you get to highway 143 and go west on it to go around East Alton, a not so great place to be but does contain Fast Eddie's Bon Aire restaurant featured elsewhere in the photo albums.

You will see the relatively new Clark Bridge passing over the Mississippi River to your left, but just stay on the road heading into Alton.  There is a visitor's station in the heart of Alton which can direct you to anywhere in the area you care to visit be it Godfrey, Grafton, or anywhere else locally.   If thats not open, better have an Illinois map.   Josephine's sits on Godfrey road, 62035 zip code, if you can find it on or another search site.  The Alton riverboat casino is docked in Alton as well.

This is a day trip and depending where you are coming from, prepare to spend a good part of the day travelling and visiting Josephine's.  You won't regret the trip as Josephine's is a one of kind experience.




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Josephines in Godfrey Illinois

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