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Sydney beaches etc......

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G'day folks!

Feeling well and truly settled into Ozzie life now - just don't know how I managed not living on the beach before!!

Not a huge amount to report other than its overcast this morning so my great plan of going to the beach all day and reading the millions of brochures I got yesterday on the East Coast tour have now been ruined. Grrrr. If anyone has any tips on must-dos then let me know - I'm flying to Byron Bay, then Greyhound bus to Surfers Paradise, Brisbane, Noosa, Hervey Bay, Fraser Island, Airlie Beach, Whitsundays, Cairns, Cape Tribulation, I THINK! Met a friend here who is coming with me which is great.

Spent most of yesterday in the city which is pretty cool. Checked out my hostel that I am (reluctantly!) moving to on Thursday, but actually it looked pretty good so far as hostels go - its the Wake Up! hostel if any of you have been? Very sad to be leaving Sparks and to give up her beachside resort! :( Oh yes, its Sparkys 30th on Friday for all you that need reminding! :)

Booked some surfing lessons starting tomorrow - DON'T LAUGH! - Apparently it doesn't matter that I have a dodgy knee and I can't really swim???! (Joke, Mum, I'll be fine! :))
Then meeting Roger tomorrow night for a drink (some of you know him from Claires wedding in Tuscany?) - he lives with his girlfriend literally overlooking Sydney Opera House and I am going to go to his for New Years Eve party - apparently get best view of the fireworks etc from his house.

Still not sure what I'm doing for Xmas - there are talks of raft races and BBQs on Manly beach, or the traditional Bondi beach day, but haven't done anything about making plans yet.
BUT....I have just booked some kind of yacht with some friends for Boxing Day that goes out in Sydney Harbour to watch Sydney Hobart race. All inclusive food and drink all day - sounds wicked!

Okay, the sun has finally come out so I am heading to the beach to catch some rays.

Miss you all loads (ok, maybe a slight over-exaggeration!) - you should just come out and visit! Keep in touch with your news.

Lots of love,

Em xx

P.s. Oh and thanks for all of you who sent me the updates of winners of X Factor and The Apprentice - can't believe I missed the finals! :( And can't believe Steve won the Apprentice - whats that about???!


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