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From Melbourne to Sydney.....

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The photos speak for themselves so won't bore you with all the details but have had an action-packed few days (to say the least!).

A quick summary;

  • After last post, decided to hit the Irish bar which had, guess what, KARAOKE - woohoo!!! You can guess the rest... :)
  • Next day went on Great Ocean Road tour - absolutely amazing - had a great group of English/Irish and a really good driver which made it. Went to loads of little places you'd never find if went alone - saw loads of wildlife in their natural surroundings - koalas, kangaroos, dolphins etc. See photos - they show most things. But it was FREEZING for the whole day and I had worn shorts and a strappy top - schoolgirl error! Thank god I brought my golf top by chance!
  • Basically LOVED Melbourne except the weather! Its very Ireland-like?
  • Sparks met me at the airport and it was BOILING! (more like what I was expecting!)
  • We went straight into town and got ferry out to Manly - AMAZING! People actually go to work on this and it brings you in from Opera House to Manly Beach - so beautiful - haven't got a photo of it yet but I'm sure you know what it looks like!
  • Bummed around for the day with Sparks - went to beach then went to Manly Wharf - gorgeous bar by the beach looking out onto the whole of Sydney - for 'one drink'.
  • Or not!! A few bottles of bubbles later (and already wobbling!) we decide to go for dinner (with James and Bea). End up having another 3 bottles of red wine with dinner, then go back to Wharf bar, for a few more vodkas, abuse a few friendly policemen, be entertained by Sparkys dancing, and then waddle home with a few activities on the way home that made the 500m journey take an hour! Classic night!
  • Wake up with a hangover (surprise, surprise) and then remember that today is the 'big day' - the infamous Manly Santa/reindeer pub crawl - an annual event that reminded me of hockey tour - guys dressed up as santas, girls as LBD reindeers. Loads of photos so wont bore you but have to tell you how we started off - at Sparkys friends in an AMAZING penthouse apartment with an incredible roof garden overlooking the whole of Sydney where we met a load of other girls and spent the afternoon drinking more bubbles! Heaven!
  • Eventually made it into town to meet up with the pub crawl - pretty unbelievable sight seeing so many Santas everywhere, especially as its 30 degrees! Anyway, you can imagine the rest of the day/night so wont bore you with that but possibly one of the best and unusual days ever! Met loads of lovely people and having great time - I AM LOVING SYDNEY!!
  • Off to beach now and then BBQ with Iain and co. this afternoon so better get moving.
Hope all okay with everyone at home!

Lots of love xxxx


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Around the world trip 2009-10

Melbourne, Sydney, East Coast, Australia,New Zealand,Hong Kong