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Right, not sure how this works, and as most of you know I'm not great at these sorts of things so bear with me!

So...a quick sypnosis of the start of my trip...

Flights were fine, just long. Got emergency exit seats so quite comfy and sat next to a nice guy from Dublin who also enjoyed a glass of wine (or 6!) which helped! Watched The Hangover and The Proposal to make me feel at home! :)

Got into Melbourne at a ridiculously early hour this morning, checked into hostel, showered and then slept til lunchtime. Need a quick 'bluff-your-way-in-hostels' course coz have no idea what the etiquette is. Had a few random problems - everyone was asleep in dorm and it was pitch black so had to try and find the empty bed, open my suitcase (the lock refused to open so I ended up having to break into it which doesnt say much for the lock anyway!), find my wash bag and towel in the dark, and climb onto the top bunk, all in the dark - NOT EASY!

Since then been having some nice 'me' time, chilling in the sun, walking around, doing the city guided bus for a bit, going to MCG and all the sports grounds, and finishing up with a nice glass of bubbles and quesadillas in the main square - ahhh heaven! Havent met many like-minded people yet but not too worried coz doing the Great Ocean ride tour all day tomorrow and then leaving on Friday morning for Sydney - woohoo! Staying with Sparky for the first bit - she has a Xmas hockey pub crawl lined up for me when I arrive so this may be the last you'll be hearing from me for a while! ;)

Okay, wont bore you with any more, I'm almost sending myself to sleep with this - sorry!

Love to all



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Around the world trip 2009-10

Melbourne, Sydney, East Coast, Australia,New Zealand,Hong Kong