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Final South East Asia Journal

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Hi All,

My South East Asia experience has come to an end so here are the highlights of my last few weeks living the life of reilly.

After non stop travelling and sightseeing, we made our made down to the  Islands on the east coast of Thailand for some well deserved relaxing and partying.  First stop was Koh Samui. We stayed in the main tourist area here and might as well have been anywhere in the world.  The main town Chaweng wasn't particularly pretty but to it's credit it did have two Boots pharmacies and a nice beach.  The beach vibe was cool and laid back at night with some firework displays going on through out the evening.  We moved on after three days to Koh Tao.  Koh Tao is typically a scuba diving mecca so myself and Suzanne completed our PADI open water scuba diving course.  Word of warning, don't put your hand on the coral if you can avoid it.  I brush my hand off the coral by accident on a dive and then it started it bleed, the only cool thing to come out of it was that the colour red cannot be seen the further you descend under water so my blood appeared green. After a succession of early morning dives we decided to head over to Koh Phangan to get some R&R and prepare ourselved for the full moon party.  We chilled out in a quiet resort called Haad Salad (Not to be confused with Ham Salad which Suzanne kept referring to it as)  in the north west of the island for 3 days before heading to party town of Haad Rin for the Full Moon.  The actual town of Haad Rin isn't great but the night life is brilliant.  The partying takes place on the beach and goes on until all hours.  Myself and Suzanne had a few nights when we statyed out until our hotel was serving breakfast before heading to bed to recharge for the next night.  You'll see a few pictures of us at the parties leading up to Full Moon and Full Moon itself.  The norm is to get decked out in some body paint.  The 7 eleven stores are something of legend over here, pretty much just a convenience store which is open 24/7 but it's so popular some people will get it painted on them.  You'll see Suzanne pointing to this fabulous artwork in the pics attached.  After partying hard on Koh Phangan we headed across Thailand to the Andaman Coast and over to Phi Phi Island.  Phi Phi is beautiful.  We took a day trip out to Maya Bay where the film The Beach was made which involved us swimming to and from the island as the boat couldn't get close enough to it.  It was an adventure in itself.  We then headed down to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia for a few days and down to Singapore before leaving Asia behind and landing in Australia.  We ended our trip in Singapore with a splash and thoroughly enjoyed our stay with great food and nightlife and very polite locals.

We're begining to work our way down the east coast of Australia from Cairns so I'll keep you updated on what we get up to.


Take care,

Laura xxx


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Final South East Asia Journal

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