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Comit Farm - Mitolo Group

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Well as I said before, Dave managed to get Amy and I jobs in Comit Farm, and now I have been working at the potato factory for 4 months. At first it was horrible! The work was shit (still is) and I wasn’t sure if the people were for me. But after 4 months of working there, I actually quite enjoy going in - besides the 5am starts of course!! The people there are colourful, most of which are really nice and a handful I will really miss and they really made us feel welcome. Have managed to get some pictures of work off of Dave. I will try and get some more before I leave, which is in 2 weeks time (ish). I originally only planned on staying there for 2 months at the most, but every week our plans would change and we decided to stay on for another couple of weeks. Have just about made my 3 months full time work for my 2nd year visa, so now I am ready to leave.


So my job is a potato grader. This important job includes the following tasks:


  • Grading the potatoes - taking all the rot and crap potatoes out and only letting the good ones through for packing
  • Assembling crates
  • Assembling carton lids
  • Cleaning potatoes from the ground
  • Opening stock
  • Packing crates
  • Cleaning machinery


It sounds highly exciting and rewarding - which of course it is not but hay the money is ok and it beats picking fruit in the soggy cold weather we have had in Adelaide!!


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Work - The Potato Palace aka Comit Farm

Virginia, South Australia, Australia