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Deep cove!

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Hello all,

I'm writing to you outside a cafe on 4th but there is no internet so I will send this to you when I get home. Annoying. Was my plan to get out of the house and to write to those who I've neglected for the past week or two.

James wrote about our fantastic times in Vancouver Island and I shall write about our trip to Deep Cove.

Deep cove is on the North Shore and apparently 30-40 minutes from downtown. Taking multiple buses took a lot longer however. We booked a canoe in the afternoon so we could get in a few hours before the sun came down. After a brief few comments about how to hold a paddle and little else we set off. James and his boating skills came in quite handy it seems. You'll see how. No we did not capsize although if we did they didn't explain how we'd recover from that.

We were told to stick to the shore line as it would be the least deep and so we paddled out along the fancy houses with the ocean as their backyard. It was the perfect day- warm and sunny and completely clear and blue. Rather lucky considering this was the middle of September and the weather is apparently unpredictable. We spoke to the lady at the office and after telling her we wanted to see islands and seals (yes seals) she suggested a route for us. It was so quiet, we saw a few small boats and a couple of kayaks in our time. And that's it. We paddled in and out of little private islands that we weren't allowed to explore.

I must stop to say that 2 men have just sat on the table next to me and started talking loudly which has interrupted my flow. There were many other available tables to choose from. And they are blocking the October sun from warming my cold body up.

Anyway, we seemed to be making good time and so we stopped at a beach where we ate pringles, cupcakes and attempted to get on top of a rock. Bets were made but neither of us could get up so I hoisted James up. You'll see the rock is kinda small but there was no place to put your feet to pull you up. We wanted to find a place to eat food so we were lucky James packed some little snacks for us as there was nothing around. I was sitting at the front of the boat all this time paddling away whilst I was unaware that James was doing the super job of steering us. I was unaware until we swapped and I was at the back of the canoe and directing us into the deeper waters and away from land. James tried to teach me his technique but I was no good. Plus he wanted to go under little bridges and make it more difficult for me. We got to a private beach opposite a house where a boy was kayaking and his adorable dog swimming after him whimpering. He tried to get in his kayak and was being told to go home but ignoring instructions. James and I swapped positions and carried on. There were jelly fish everywhere. Small and big. This was a little scary. Although they aren't boxed jellyfish. The film 'Seven Pounds' comes to mind. The houses we passed were pretty crazy. Their own boats and run ways? We pondered how they shopped, got food, if they had to boat into town for their every need.

To kayak or canoe up the entire 'Indian Arm' it would take all day so we planned to paddle around Jugs Island and go home. Before we got there though I spotted something in the distance sunbathing on the wooden floats on the ocean. Seals. Loads of them. We paddled closer being respectful of their down time. They looked a bit like Amber- see photos for evidence. There were so many of them laying, stretching, yawning, lazing about. There were a few logs logged next to the float and there were more on there. Some were in the water and we could see a few heads bobbing about in the distance. Definitely the highlight of our trip.

We paddled across the water and headed back meeting some teams of rowers and people paddle boarding on the way. Paddle boarding is were you stand on a board, like a surfboard and paddle. Pretty insane. Standing on water. I don't think I'll be trying this.

We got back and went to a little cafe serving fish and chips. Pretty delicious but nothing on English fat chips and huge fish. Bus home! Probably watched Heroes and then bedbed.

We'd been trying to do something eventful each week but trying to plan our winter resort season work has made us realise how much money we need so we're putting that on hold. Plus Summer is pretty much over, even though the sun today is proving otherwise. It's been cold for a couple of days this week which has been a super fast turn from the abundance of sun and good, warm weather we've been having all Summer. So, although we'd like to have tried Banff or Jasper or a resort in a similar area we've realised it is pretty unrealistic. It would take 8 hours to travel there by car for a job fair for a few hours and that wouldn't guarantee us accommodation or a job so we decided to stick with Whistler. And the Winter Olympics that come with that. We're both very excited and at the same time concerned about money, lack of housing and lack of jobs. We will probably have to live separately to get staff accommodation to afford to live there. We have a job fair on November 9th but that doesn't guarantee anything. It would be best to be there now and applying for jobs but we need to give a months notice for rent and we lack money. Brock House is slowing down and only giving me 1-2 shifts a week which isn't enough. I've applied to this organic wood burned pizza place a couple of blocks away but we'll see. Canada is tardy with employing.

So for now, we are waiting and working and trying not to spend. But with choosing to do a winter season in Whistler we need a whole new wardrobe of ski/snowboard gear and warm clothes. Craiglist has some second hand bits which seem pretty reasonable so we will be checking that out soon but it's still not definite that we'll be working in Whistler so we're holding on buying anything.

And then I have to decide if I want to ski or snowboard and if it's worth buying the gear instead of renting. Bah!! And it all looks awesome but once again it's a rich mans games.

This isn't intended to worry you, we can always just stay in Vancouver but our heart is set on learning to ski/snowboard and spending our time there, dudes and all.

I have work in an hour so I must head back home and get ready. We will let you know developments as soon as they occur. Hope you all are great and that your Autumn is exciting and tingly.



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Deep Cove Canoe Day!

Deep Bay, North Vancouver, Canada