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HOT & NOT in Bolivia

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What’s HOT…What’s NOT - Bolivia


·         Number one song in SA: “ I know you want me” (Wancha) by Pitbull

·         Plaits and Top hats (very fashionable)

·         Cute kids- we don’t know what happens between puberty and middle age

·         Dynamite- blowing stuff up

·         Cheapness - value for money, 2euro for dinner, 1.20 for 20 smokes, Pint bottle of beer was 50c….the list can go on and on

·         Cowboy hats

·         Yo-yos (everyone had them, oh they’re back)

·         Real Kitkats

·         Wristband bar tabs- can be very dangerous

·         Sleeping tablets (except for Eilis)


·         Height - they are all tiny. Maggy is tall in Bolivia.

·         Tarmacadam – why bother when you can have dust roads and deserts

·         Walking fast – altitude is a killer

·         Broadband- terrible computers

·         Toilet paper- can’t be found anywhere

·         Bus services

·         Nose bleeds (see point 2)


All will be revealed…….


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