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Cordoba - Alex Trebek's holiday home

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Following a ten hour bus journey from Buenos Aires we arrived in Cordoba....a student city! We checked into the Tango hostel and chilled out for a while on comfie couches and sat in front of the first TV we had seen in ages. Then we made a trip into town to get some essential warm clothing and shoes (as it was so cold and bikinis and serongs just didn´t cut it!) before heading off on a walking tour arround Cordoba with our little tour guide Laylay.


We learned some very interesting facts about Argentina and Cordoba such as:

  • The blue and white on the Argentinian flag represents the colours of the king of Spain at the time, also the colours of the Virgin Mary and the sky. The sun in the middle is the Inca sun, and long ago when other countries saw the Argentinian flag on the horizon it was a sign of freedom.
  • The churches were a mixure of colonial and  baroque style and were elaborately decorated with gold on the inside... solid gold columns were on display. 
  • Cordoba is just 460years old and housed the first university and secondary school in Argentina. It also has the largest population of students in Argentina with seven universities. We decided to take full advantage of the student night life of Cordoba on an average Wednesday night.....

So in the spirit of doing things cheap and cheerful, we had a few drinks in the hostel before heading to the recommended local bar down the road. We headed down in high spirits and all was going great, a bit of dancing and a few drinks until some odd Argentinian local boyos decided to harass us, thinking it was perfeactly acceptable to surround us and grab our faces!! Needless to say we assumed this wasn´t part of the Argentinian culture and hence we moved on from the bar fairly sharpish. After an interesting walk home we fell into the kitchen to feast on cold pizza and crisps before thrashing round the dorm room waking our poor lonesome roomie Nick who was not used to sharing with girls...eek.


The following day we had a well deserved sleep in before starting into a lazy day of  the internet and people watching in coffee shops. We cooked dinner and then headed off in a taxi to the éstadio Cordoba for the Argentina V´s Ghana friendly football match. Eventually we arrived a little late due to heavy match traffic, and sprinted into the stadium just as the match kicked off. After sampling the local football rivalery in Buenos Aires the atmosphere at this match was at little tamer to say the least but it still had it high points.... seeing Maradona on the side line coaching his team and to witness Palermo score two goals which secured Argentina a sucessful win over Ghana....2-0.

The following day some off us went for a bit of excerise in the morning. That evening we visited the "Missing Museum", this musuem was a centre of information and dedication to the poeple who disappeared in the 1970´s after being accused of being communists. There were hundreds of photos on the walls of all the  missing people and some bodies of these people have only recently been found. Some family members of some of the victims had compiled portfolios of thier lives and written letters to their missing loved ones which all added to the sadness and eeriness of the whole place. There was a room with hundreds of roses on the floor which used to be one of the holding cells where the victims were sometimes tortured. All in all an interesting place to see.

Onwards to Salta...........


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