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Sarah, Maggy and Eimear headed off on the boat to Uruguay for the day. To a place called Colonia del Sacramento. Its a really pretty little town, like something out of a Western. It was some kind of Independance day there so there were street performances on, parades etc. (look at the video of Colonia's answer to Westlife). There was a pretty little lighthouse, art galleries and more musical performances scattered throughout the town.
We stopped for a cerveza (beer) along the way before hopping on the boat back home to BA and Eilis.

Eilis had a great day exploring Buenos Aires. Went to the zoo, sat in the park reading, bought jewellery in a market. She even went on the subway by herself.

We were all delighted to be reunited again. To celebrate we decided to go to a dirty rotten rave. The plan was to go to Pasha (just like the clubs in Ibiza, Louie told Eimear) but we were told of a secret underground party which sounded like a good alternative so we headed there with our fellow hostellers. It was basically a rave in a gallery. Full of scenesters. Music was TERRIBLE but as we aren't fans of electronic music it wasn't much of a surprise.
We raved the night away before heading back to the hostel to the bar that never closes. Fell into bed at 7am. Turns out that raving is really tiring.

Woke up to rain and more baltic conditions. Not a good combination when mixed with hangovers. We had booked tickets to see a Boca Juniors match but tickets were mixed up so we went to see Racing versus Independiente (2 local rival teams). When we got to the stadium we were shocked by the amount of guards that were there. All decked out in full riot gear, guns, batons, full leather coats... like something out of the gestapo. The thorough body searches were interesting to say the least. We were in the safe section of the stadium, away from the hardcore fans. The match itself wasn't great but the atmosphere was electric! The 2 teams are massive rivals. The stadium was packed out an hour before the match even started to join in the chanting and jeering. There was a moat around the pitch to stop the fans being able to get near the players. Before the match started, the fans went absolutely mental. Everyone started throwing til roll onto the pitch. There was confetti guns and bangers going off. It was like they had won the world cup but the match hadn't even started. You'll have to watch the video to understand it fully. It was amazing but also impractical as they spend the next 15 minutes clearing it all off the pitch. A solitary leaf blower was used with little effect. They fans spent the full 90 minutes chanting and going insane. Such a great atmosphere. It was tainted slightly by the freezing weather considering that Eilis and Eimear were wearing flip flops.
After the match ended (Independiente won 2-0), they wouldn't let the Racing fans go until they had cleared out all the Independiente fans, who spent twenty minutes chanting and celebrating, generally rubbing it in their faces. An hour after the match ended, we were back on the bus trying to defrost ourselves. Hot showers for all back at the hostel.
That night Eilis and Maggy went to the bar for a few drinks with those who could handle leaving their warm rooms.

The following day was our last in Buenos Aires. We took it easy after a few heavy days. We decided to head to Cordoba in search for the good weather that we had been told about.

Cordoba stories to follow.

All our love,
Sarah, Maggy, Eimear and Eilis.


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