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Buenos Aires here we come!

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Arrived in BA and headed straight for the Clan Hostel. We were hoping we left the bad weather behind but within 5 minutes of being in the taxi, we noticed more then 3 people wearing fur coats and pretty much their thermal undies... not a good sign!
We dropped off the bags into our 4 person room (hurrah) and headed off to San Telmo to see what it had to offer. It was full of galleries and craft shops. It turns out that at the weekend San Telmo is hopping, full of markets, street performers... not so much on a Wednesday evening. We got food and a bottle of wine to warm us up before heading back to the hostels bar to see what it was like. First impressions weren't great. The room was dark and they were listening to electronic music, not a word of English could be heard. We timidly sat in the corner with our beers before the lovely Jenny and Louie came to give us the proper Clan welcome.
They were quickly followed by the over friendly Jean Francois from Belgium. We all chatted away to him until Shaggy's Mr Boombastic came on the radio. Queue sweeping Eimear off her feet (literally) for some sexy dancing. The most God awful scene ever! Eimear's arms were flailing about as she tried to squirm away. Meanwhile the other three decided NOT to help their friend and sat back laughing instead. We think the words "You're so slippery" were mentioned at some point. Good impression made by us to the people of the Clan Hostel.
We came to the quick realisation that our summer clothing was not sufficient for these baltic conditions. We had to put an extra blanket on Maggys bed and plug in a heater!

The following day we went to Florida Avenue to literally buy a whole new winter wardrobe. Flip flops do not work when its 2 degrees outside! And the dyke hikers can't be worn under skirts. We tried!
It was Arthur Guinness day at home and we were jealous of everyone celebrating at home so we went in search of an Irish bar for a taste of home, please note that we have never drank Guinness before... theres always a first! Things were kicking off in Dublin at 17.59 but Buenos Aires wasn't up for pints of Guinness at 1.59 in the afternoon! We don't get it either. We stumbled upon the Kilkenny bar. Not as rockin' as we hoped. A load of suits having business lunches. They did not appreciate our random calls of "To Martha, to Llamas".
Had a bite to eat and left before we were escorted out. Had to go home to get our Tango shoes on anyway.

We had signed up for a tango evening. It involved an hours lesson, a fancy meal and a show. Eilis was the only one who was up for the lesson part of it. The other 3 needed a bit of dutch courage before it. As we had packed no fancy clothing we turned up looking like a Sketchers ad gone wrong. Eimear and Maggy in their matching new BRIGHT white converse runners, jeans and vests. The other 2 in very similar attire.
A mix up with times led to the bar being opened especially for us for a free drink. Dutch courage turned into a strange mixture of tequila, vodka and apple juice. By the time the bus came we were flying. We brought our drinks out with us in very fancy plastic cups only to be greeted by our driver wearing a TUX! Sketchers didn't look like such a good idea now!
The lesson wasn't as bad as we had expected. A room full of equally useless dancers. Needless to say Eimear and Maggy were amazing after their stint at Faugh's school of dance last year. This time Eimear didn't need to be the man! It was an 8 step routine that took literally the whole hour to master. We were paired up with chicos and all you could hear in the room were people counting to 8 over and over again and the odd apology for stepping on someones' toes. Hilarious consequences, including Eimear being called up to help with the demonstration, the vodka had definately hit in by then. We came out of the class on a high thinking we were Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.
We were very quickly corrected when the actual tango show started. It was absolutely amazing. The fact that we got to eat steak while watching it was even better.
Back to the hostel with us and up to the bar to see what was going on. Louie, Jenny and Johnny (our favourite Sligo bartender) were there with 3 lads from the UK playing beer pong. It would have been rude of us not to join in. Great night had by all.

We were supposed to get up to go to Uruguay but our late night meant that the 9 o clock wake up call was never gonna happen. Instead we decided to do a walking tour of Recoleta (the wealthy part of BA), which included the famous cemetary where Eva Peron (Evita) is buried, the Floralis Generica (basically a big metal flower that opens at sun rise and closes at sun set. It looks similar to The Bean in Chicago) with a few museums thrown in for good measure. All with the guiding help of our South America on a Shoestring... aka our bible.
Back to the hostel to get ready for La Cabrera, one of Argentina's best steak restaurants. Turns out that you need to book a table at one of Argentina's best restaurants on a Friday night.... otherwise resulting in sitting outside watching people eat for an hour and a half, in the freezing cold surrounded by women in the damn fur coats. Best steak ever! Worth the wait. We ate until we got the meat sweats and it only cost us €20 which included wine and a tip and everything. Heaven! We went back to the hostel but had to go straight to bed due to severe food coma!

Up the next day for Uruguay!


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