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Return to Rio & Igassu Falls

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On the move again from Ilha Grande back to Rio for another 2 days where we hit Copacabana beach during the day and the Lapa Samba Street Party at night. Copacabana beach is odd due to the fact that the city runs right up to the beach front, with buildings towering over the beach. the beach itself isn´t as nice as Ipanema Beach but an experience all the same. The Lapa Street Party was like a mini carnival with thousands of people lining the streets, drinking, dancing, eating and selling bits and bobs. Somehow we managed to attract all the crazies with Sarah getting licked on the face by a random colombian, Maggy getting a personalised earring and then forcefully pierced wthout her permission! (sidenote...turned out to be a cuff Mary). Meanwhile Eilis and Eimear were accosted by a child-catcher lookalike (gender still under review). All in all, crazy people, crazy place, crazy night. Thankfully our comrades from the hostel rescued us just as we were being proposed to by a group of Brazilians and we all headed off the street into a bar together.

Bit of packing - repacking (again!) and onwards to Igassu Falls in western Brazil. This was the beginning of our 1st of many long overnight bus journeys - 22hours....coldest bus of all time and it smelled of wee...delightful. We travelled up here with Ali and Hannah from our hostel in Rio, who were super organised so once off the bus we followed thier lead in navigating our way through the local bus system up to the national park and then to the Argentinian border. You can see the waterfalls from both Brazil and Argentina, so we went and did the walk on the brazilian side (Foz De Igaçu) and no words can describe the views, the photos don´t even do it justice. We ventured into the heart of the falls called the "devils throat"  on a large steel walkway and obviously got completely soaked....we´re talking soak zone area at Shamu!

As Brazil was working out quite expensive for us overall we decided to switch over to the Argentinian side of the falls and stay in a hostel here. Got the bus over the border through passport control.....Exit Brazil...Enter Argentina (Peurto De Igazu)! The hostel we stayed in was quoted as the best hostel in Argentina and it really was extremely nice, more like a resort...exactly like the one in Dirty Dancing. We got our 1st private room here, in our own chalet, ran into Kiwi´s here again and sampled some Argentinian wine on our first night.

Day 2 at the falls we checked out the Argentinian national park and had a different experience of the falls. 5 Kiwi´s, 4 Irish and 1 American.....we were like a school tour heading off for the day. We walked the trails and also saw the "devil´s throat" (Garangta Del Diablo) from here and got some really cool photos. Next we took a boat tour up the Igazu River and right up into the falls where once again we got drenched but it was all totally worth it to be able to experience these massive waterfalls really up close and the exhilaration of being next to 5,000,000 tonnes of water per second hitting the river bed was extreme.

We signed up for a BBQ and Tango show in the hostel that night and the Tango show took an interesting turn whe they looked for volunteers to teach them the tango and Alex (Kiwi) got up but was swiftly asked to leave the dancefloor for being too violent of a dancer with his female instructor. Hilarious. With lots of free Caprihina´s on offer at the BBQ, the night got mental very quickly especially when we moved from the bar into the "party hut", basically a huge wooden gazebo, with people literally hanging from the rafters (i.e Maggy!), dance-off´s, throwing in the pool and all round mayhem (the next morning we had 1,000 photos and similar amount of bites and bruises to show for it!).

Last day at the falls we scrambled out of bed in a rush to pack up and check out and then had a 9 hour wait for the bus to Buenos Aires, so the plan was to hang out by the pool in the hostel (and work on our slammin´ tans) all day but once again the severe sh*t weather that we seem to be carrying around with us, caught up and we spent the whole day with thunder, lightning and lashings of rain. But the day wasn´t a total write off and we started a wee poker tournament with the Kiwi´s and had a few beers. Beimear (beer drinking Eimear) cleaned up winning the whole pot with some excellent hands (suspect)......The Kiwi´s were NO happy. Good day all round.

Onto BA (Buenos Aires to you non-travelling folk) with a 18 hr bus journey.........

Next instalment for Argentina Fun coming soon.....

Love and Miss you all,


Sarah, Maggy, Eimear & Eilis



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