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Journal No. 21 - Apologies from James while Anne makes mexican food.

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So I think its been maybe over a month since I (James) actually wrote/contributed to a journal. I'm very sorry for this, but it seems that the business of crepe making is a time consuming one. So I think you all know that I graduated from dishwasher to "crepe chef" within 10 days of working, which I was very hesitant about as I have always said that I WOULD NEVER WANT TO WORK IN A KITCHEN!!! It turns out...I actually like it! Well I've only thrown 1 sicky so far which is a positive sign.

Its not so much working in a kitchen anyway, as the kitchen is really just a large, long counter running down the side of the restaurant. I now spend my days leaning over 2 hot grills, spinning crepes, then filling them with nutella, grand marnier and chicken...not all together, but we could do, if a customer actually wanted that. I now work Thursday to monday which is as close to Annes shifts as I could get and I'm pretty happy with that. Anne still has more money than me, but my pay checks and tips have started to come in, and I will catch up soon I hope!

I just had a break from this to eat Annes loverly Mexican food. Nachos and dips and tachos. I just said to Anne, "even my burps taste nice".

So after last weeks Grouse Grind, we're trying to do at least one "trip" style thing on our days off each week. Yesterday we went on our long awaited bike ride around the sea wall of Stanley Park. Its a 5 mile ride which I did not realise how quickley we would do, being as it was supposed to be a whole day out, and it only took just over 2 hours! A good example of how quick it can be circumferenced is that we saw the same ridiculously thin rollerblading Candadian go past us 3 times in the space of 30 minutes. He did look like a professional though. Before all this though, we has to get to Stanley Park. As Anne already owns a bike, she cycled (for the first time) across the busy Granville Bridge, whilst I caught the bus. When we met up, we rented the first mountain bike that we saw for myself. I liked it. Anne says that our bikes were like Christmas. Hers was green, and mine red. Though hers is actually turquiose.

So we cycled around the very nice circuit, seeing totem poles, yacht clubs, large tanker ships, the underside of the Lionsgate Bridge, and our 1st racoon! His name was Burt. Two differents sets of passer by observed us observing Burt, and both of them said "you'd think they'd never seen nature before". This gave me the anger. Deep deep anger. Burt was very cute and was standing on his back legs catching snacks given to him by some Asian lady. Before this happend we sat and ate a chicken and a salmon burger whilst looking over the sea, which were sold to us by a woman who when I asked any question about time, would always say that it would take "about 4 minutes". I guess you had to be there Mum. At the very end of the ride, Anne got talking to an artist lady who was knitting English Ivy on one of the lake perimeter railings, to dry it out in order to prevent soil erosion. Anne was invited back to help, and says she may go......I have my doubts as it has turned very English rainy today!

So that was Stanley Park. Anne will put photos of this on very soon. After handing the bike back, we walked to English bay and we fould a vacant log on the beach and had a nap for about a few hours. Then we had an arguement followed by make-up KFC.  

Today has been different however. We have slept, onand off, pretty much all day. Anne was frustrated, but now I think we are both happy for the recouperation.

So I think thats it for now.....Basil the evil dog of our landlady is sniffing me hesitantly but is now "friendly" with Anne. Though I beleive this is only a ploy to further him somehow. I've got work tommorrow from 5pm til midnight, and Anne's not back to work until Saturday.

James and Anne x 

P.s. our full address is: #102, 1988 Maple Street, Vancouver, B.C, V6J 3T1








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Vancouver, Canada