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Day28 drop off Trailer...

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Goal:  Drop off trailer.


We both slept like logs last night.  We had what will probably be our last huge breakfast today with bacon, eggs, toast and fried potatoes.  KL brought the trailer around and we went through one last time looking for anything left behind that needed to be unpacked.  We drove to the storage yard and dropped off the trailer.  Vacation is truly over.  We’re going to drown our sorrows with some pizza and probably nap the afternoon away.



Wrap up of our vacation:


We traveled a total of 5380 miles.  We burned 588 gallons of gas and averaged 9.2 mpg.  Our opinion is that MI has the worst over all roads and Kansas the best.  The most depressing town was Cunningham, KS.  The friendliest was Gothenburg, NE.  We drove through 15 states and stayed in 15 different camp grounds and one night at a Walmart, 10 nights with family and friends.  Prettiest campground was Portage Lake, MI.  Hands down the worst night was the one spent in the Walmart parking lot.  The state we enjoyed most for sight seeing was IA.  Most memorable family moment was watching Jess and Josh get married and watching KL’s mom do the chicken dance at the reception.    KL’s most memorable, on the road moment, was seeing the Indy cars test tires on the track.  My most memorable, on the road moment, would have to be the flames shooting out of the oven.   

A few notes:


Thanks to Tami and Brian I find myself unable to live without buckwheat honey.


Thanks to Terri, Dave, Jess & Josh for putting up with us in the driveway for a week.


Thanks to Mother for all the things she bought for the camper I thought I would never use and did end up using on this trip. 


Thanks to Berty for the pull over jacket from Cabelas.  I wore that non stop all the way back and don’t know what I would have done without it!


Thanks to all our family and friends for their hospitality.  We had a wonderful vacation and can’t wait to get on the road again!   


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