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Day 21 Heading to Dodge City

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Goal:  Dodge City, Kansas


Reality:  Dodge City, Kansas


We left the campground today 8am.  The winds once again were relentless.  Much to KL’s dismay the gas mileage has gone to hell in a hand bag.  We stopped to gas up in Wichita and when we tried to return to the hwy it was closed and we had to detour.  There were state police everywhere and we still don’t know what happened, but we followed a trucker and found our way back to the hwy some miles down the road.  Next stop was Greensburg, KS.  They have made great strides to rebuild after the tornado in ’07, but the devastation is still clear as you can tell by the pictures.  After Greensburg we found a campground in Dodge City.  We stopped to take some pics at Boot Hill.  It’s an old cemetery that hasn’t accepted any new bodies since 1883.  Don’t know why that’s just the way it is.  Another gourmet meal….chicken, baked beans and garlic toast!  We bought these fixings at Dillons Grocery in Greensburg.  For almost a year after the tornado the people of Greensburg has to drive to Pratt for groceries.  Pratt is 30 miles away.  One of the Greensburg residents told us that the new Dillons is quite the cash cow!


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