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Day 18 posted on the road near Davenport Iowa

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Goal:  Goodfield, IL


Reality:  Goodfield, IL Jellystone RV Park


This morning we got up and headed out for a Bob Evans breakfast.  Bob Evans is a chain we don’t have in the west.  Think of it as an awesome Coco’s.  I don’t know of anyone else who has potroast on top of hashbrowns, topped with eggs and a gob of cheese.  This breakfast sticks to your ribs and carries you through until dinner.  We drove through Indiana today stopping at Indy for KL to tour the museum.  They just happened to be testing tires when we were there and I must admit to being wowed!  I’m not into racing, but it was really something to stand just above the track, hear the cars and see their speed.  For those interested he tried to take a video, give it a shot.  We gained an hour today, so we are all set up earlier than usual.  Looking forward to some patty melts tonight!  Talk to you tomorrow from Madison County, Iowa.   


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