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Day 8

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Goal: Sight See Bayside, WI


This was the first full day of reeeaall vacation.  We woke up and were leisure instead of rushing to get on the road.  Tami and I took the dog for a walk and he was just too hyper.  I borrowed her bicycle and ran Wingnut up and down the street a few times to tire him out.  After I fed him in the trailer and when I went to leave he ran past me and out into the street.  I walked over to get him and he darted down the street.  I yelled out for KL to follow me and I ran after the dog!  KL followed on the bike and was able to grab him a couple of blocks away only because the dog stopped to do his daily business.  Thank heavens for all the hamburger I fed him the night before.  After the drama Tami and Brian took us sight seeing.  First we went to the Milwaukee Public Market.  Wow the food!  They have everything there, beef, pork, seafood, soups, salads, appetizers and you can purchase all these things while wondering around with a beer, glass of wine or a margarita!  After shopping for dinner at the market, we were off to tour Lakeshore Dr. all the way from Milwaukee to Bayside.  There are pictures of a white building and it’s called The Creis Ve Solcil, Wings to the Sun.  The wings only come out when the sun is shining, so you can see we had a beautiful day.  The house with the sculptures belonged to Mary Nohl.  The lake front property had been in her family since 1924 and was willed to her in 1944.  The local kids called it the witch’s house.  The house was originally prefab and purchased for $950.  It underwent many upgrades before it became the place you see in the pics.  Her sculptures were very unusual and the home is now a museum.  We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in the backyard with all the delicious food prepared for us by our hosts.  It was all wonderful and we can’t thank them enough for their hospitality!  We played some more Wii and, KL and Brian put Tami and I to sleep with Wii golf by 10!


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