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Day 7 fun with friends

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Goal:  Bayside, WI


Reality:  Mission Accomplished


This morning we wanted to be on the road by 9am, but things conspired against us from the very beginning.  While trying to get the trailer ready the stabilizers stuck.  We had to break out tools and KL was able to make the repair.  While working on the stabilizer we realized one of our tanks was leaking.  We still haven’t figured out where it’s coming from, but it stopped as mysteriously as it began.  We finally pulled out of the camp site and somehow got turned around and headed in the wrong direction.  This turned out to be a good thing, not for us, but for an elderly man that had locked his keys in the car and needed a ride back to the ranger station.  The poor guy could barely get in the truck and didn’t seem to mind Wingnut snarling from the back seat at all.  It was about three miles to the ranger station.  KL dropped him off at the front door and some female cop about  pulled a gun on us because we were going the wrong direction.  (we were the only people in the camp ground!)  KL says we’re just dropping off the gentleman.  She made us back up 100 yards instead of just letting us pass.  We’re still glad we picked up the old guy.  Anyway we made it to beautiful BaysideWI about 12:30 or so.  We got all set up in the driveway thanks to Tami and Brian.  Our friends have a beautiful home with a big backyard.  Wingnut really enjoyed being outside!  Pizza and beer for dinner was awesome!  KL and I finally played the Wii.  Turns out I’m not a bad bowler!   


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