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Day 6 Dodgeville, WI

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Goal:  Madison, WI


Reality:  Dodgeville, WI


We hated to leave Kellogg this morning.  The camp ground was so beautiful!  We didn’t reach Madison because there isn’t any place to camp there.  We decided on the GovernorDodgeState Park. Our campsite is huge and private, with good TV reception and cell phone too.  Before we go into the trip let us say that KL is moving like greased lightening compared to yesterday.  A chat with an elderly man at a rest stop yesterday brought about the lumbar adjustment in the truck seat that just may have done the trick.  Anyway….we saw a sign today that said “Wisconsin honey, wine and motorcycle museum”.  That sounded to good to miss.  We exited the hwy to find ourselves in a very small town that had no sign of any honey, wine, motorcycle museum or place to turn around.  KL was fit to be tied, but finally we found a Catholic school with a very large parking lot and were able to turn around and get back to the hwy.  We have just got to stop going to the hole to see the varmint!  There was another boondoggle waiting for us.  Dodgeville is a town of over 4000 people.  We saw the people….clearly they were getting food, but there was no grocery store!  We know Dodgeville like the back of our hands.  We kept driving up and down…must have passed the police department 4 times.  KL was worried they might arrest us for strange behavior.  Almost 2hrs and finally on the very furthest edge of town we found a Walmart.  Yes to all that know me, desperate times call for desperate measures, I set foot in a Walmart.  By the time we got to our camp site and ate lunch it was after 3pm.  No need for dinner tonight.  Tomorrow we arrive in Bayside, WI to spend some time with our friends Tami and Brian.  We look forward to spending some time in one spot with familiar faces!            



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