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Day 5 in to Iowa

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Goal: Des Moines


Reality:  Made it!


Today was crazy.  KL woke up with a terrible knee pain.  He is barely able to walk.  The more he moves the better he feels, but it’s hard to move around when you’re stuck in the car all day.  When we went outside for our nature walk, first thing this morning, there was a heard of pee hens grazing in the camp ground.  We saw a deer while on walk, all pictured.  We drove to the pony express station and through the town of Gothenberg.  Everyone waves at you there.  We pressed on and drove to just east of Des Moines.  We forgot how much we love Iowa!  The rolling hills, trees and crops are beautiful.  We are camping in Kellogg.  Today was one of our biggest mileage days.  In anticipation of the long day I prepared a chicken casserole yesterday.  All I had to do was put it in the oven when we made camp.  It was a great idea….I lit the pilot and turned on the oven.  Let it preheat a few minutes.  When I opened the oven door to put the casserole in, flames came shooting out!  It only took KL a minute to diagnose the problem.  We will need to buy parts to get the oven back.  Anyway, no casserole.  Don’t worry we didn’t starve.  Left over chicken, broccoli and tatertots!             


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