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Grand Junction day 2

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Goal:  Make it to Grand Junction, Co.


Reality:  Made it.


St. George was really beautiful this morning.  We lost an hour moving east so we didn’t get on the road until 8am.  Just a few minutes into our ride we heard something strange in the back seat.  I looked back to find Wingnut’s head in KL’s beef jerky bag.  It wasn’t easy to wrestle the stuff away from him, but I managed to salvage most of the bag.  It was the day of road kill.  If we were a little more practical we could have inexpensively dined on an elk, two deer and a plethora of assorted smaller game.  We stopped at a fort.  KL was very excited about this road side spectacle.  It was interesting to a point.  It’s owned by the Mormon church.  Elder and Sister Salisbury, on mission from Wa. and pictured, were very knowledgeable about the fort and the Mormon religion.  Once back on the road we were pounded all day with torrential rains accompanied by thunder and lightening.  It was slow going on the mountain passes, but we made it safe to Grand Junction in time to enjoy some hamburgers, corn on the cob and the ever popular tater tots!


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