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First day out 9/12/09

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Goals:  Leave home @ 7am and drive to Grand Junction, CO.


Reality:  Left 7:15am and drove to St. George, UT.


The Trip:  Started out great.  Traffic getting out, not bad.  Blue skies and the vehicle running well.  Just outside Vegas there was a desert race and sky divers.  A lexus flies by and KL says the guy must be doing 100 mph.  A cop pulls over the lexus!  The day was going so well, then we stopped for gas.  The pump wouldn’t work correctly and filling up turned out to be quit the project for KL.  I walked the dog and got stuck talking to a homeless man about the fact I had no money and I was aware of who Jesus was.  He was a graduate of Ohio State U, not Jesus, the homeless man.  We pulled into a parking lot to make sandwiches and that’s when it happened.  We lost $350 in Vegas!  The trailer had a flat tire.  Using the computer we found a Big O only two miles away.  We made it there and it only took three and a half hours to put all new tires on the trailer.  I love the symmetry between cost and time!  Fortunately it was only 110, so the wait in a Vegas ghetto wasn’t miserable at all.   We are lucky to make it as far as we did.  We are spending the night at the Temple View RV resort.  Dinner will be smoked turkey, brussel sprouts and mac-n-cheese. Viva Vacation!


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