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14 days More entertaining Journey aspen to Biloxi

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Few months ago, when I got a great experience with my friends in there Biloxi and Aspen cities. Really I got what is life? And how can, we should live it? We changed after this awesome journey also my friends had changed. First question occur in every reader, that how can you make planning to both city? Which sources to got those cities. I tell you about that question. Every Saturday and Sunday our six-member group went to garden always. Peter told,’ we should make a journey where located fantastic activities and fabulous atmosphere because daily routine gave lots of tension, what are you thinking about this’. All appreciate about that suggestion. We did not know where we should go. But our office management head is also my best friend; they visit most of time to fabulous place due to business or family purpose. So they suggested to me for Aspen (CO) and Biloxi city. They preferred that cities because we all of young guys, and both two cities have located more activities and fabulous atmosphere for young guys. It was May 2009 and after big discuss in second Sunday of May we decided to visit at Biloxi and aspen cities.

                                                But Biloxi and aspen cities are much more difference, which are near about 1625 miles. First we reserved of hotels in there by online with help of sites. I like that site because here located much more cheapest hotels, it true because we reserved to there most of time hotels. Starting time when we not know how to find hotels then my one friend to suggested that sites. We have trusted on that. Whatever, also reserved air tickets to there. We planned 6 days stayed at aspen city and 6 days also in Biloxi because all our holidays only 13 days. For friend have job and 2 have our business.

                                                 Our group left city in 16 May 200 (it was Saturday). Near about afternoon we reached to aspen city, left airport after 1 and half hours in between time we took some coffee and snack near there. Hired cab for our hotel rooms, just 45 minute we reached to our hotel, that hotel called Mountain house lodge hotels. we preferred to that lodge because here located all near by awesome activities like fly-fishing, hiking, trails, mountains trailing, all shopping complex also located to nearest distance. its also a new hotel. We booked two big king size rooms and one room also where located 2 big bed also. Continental meals were free to there.

Nighttime made next days planning in our room, and ate after delicious dinner we slept.

                                    Next day, after ate our continental breakfast, packed some sufficient item went to John Denver park (it’s a best place for summer time). We made a best trails to there, and watched awesome place during our trails. In evening went to street area, ate there street food. Drinking is must for all six so every evening we wanted to drinks. First day evening was superb for us.

                                    18th May we wanted to fly fishing, so went to fishing area of Aspen city. Very attractive and clean water where you can saw clear swimming fish. After reached we decided to stayed there in night time, two friend came back to our hotel rooms, brought some sufficient item for camping, including, some wine, camping other item. Hotel was not too far but wanted to sleep in under sky so after caught a half dozen fish, we did other work for camping. After, fried fish, and other packed item open it around 8:30 pm in evening; around the fire we ate our delicious dinner, which made by us, along with wine. After dinner we sang lot song, around midnight we slept.

19th to 22nd May we enjoyed there much more. Six Day at Aspen was fabulous, we could not describe to all but next 7th day we left Aspen city for Biloxi city. But we loved to that cheap hotels in aspen because they help more time during our journey, services was also best along with cheap prices.

                                    After few hours we reached to Biloxi city, where we stayed at IP Casino Biloxi hotel, we got to hotel only $56. Here they provide, spa, casino facilities, and if you want to other spa and resorts facilities then not to far from there but we loved more during our trip.. All location for wind surfing, beaches entertainment, Boating, Jet Skiing, Sailing, Windsurfing, Snorkeling And Canoeing Are Located Within Two Miles. Mind blowing place was Biloxi. Really it was different kind of travel spot where we got much more fun and entertainment with our activities. IP Casino Biloxi hotels is a cheap hotels in Biloxi because it is four star hotel and give rooms only $56 so that was cheap,

Whatever, we took more adventure at beach most of time, also did windsurfing, boating entertainment, sailing with our friend. Most of time our business partner went to casino area and win few times, it was great experiences for us, all guys leant more to there, here we ate very delicious seafood’s more time. After 6 days we came back to our home after lots of shopping in Biloxi.




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why should be to visit aspen and biloxi in summer?

Aspen , United state america