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nO. 1

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hi im sophie. 12 almost 13. lol. this is entry nO.1
Well im in ireland. for not the first time. its like half past 7. (in the evening) i wouldnt be awake if it was the morning. lol.im up in lisburn with my cousins and aunt and uncle. wheather is very very on and off. it rains a few wee times a day, everyday.lol.i like the irish accent.although in real life i have a posh accent.today we went tro this kind of like old village. late 1800's. the houses were butiful. lol. it would be klass if ppl read this. tho im quite boring. lol. im hoping to see the sea side of ireland. as back home in london i like never get to go to the sea side. i know it sounds weird but i like the sea side at night. lol. who's with me?? its easier to capture the beauty of unknown life when your on your own. your mind is a big enough distraction. but at night you have the sea and the stars. in a place like that. thats all you need. you feel above, on top. not small. the feeling is simply something. well smashingly perfecto. lol. bui bui.


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