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Whilst James works

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The tables are turning now James is a full time worker. I am now the one writing the journals and spending time alone at the beach or in coffee shops. Today, I walked James to work then caught a bus downtown. I went to a couple of shops and bought a lovely top and some James unfriendly sandals. I have liked these sandals for some time and they were $168 down to $59 so I had to although I'm not entirely sure they suit me. The top was $10. It all equals out. Anyway! It was a good day for shopping. I bought some bbq pork dim sum for James and some apricots for me. Although they were the brown kind so I haven't enjoyed them as much.

I came home, made some rubbish sushi and went to use a free voucher our roommate had given me and James for Starbucks. I am against but it is free and thought I would get out of the house for a 9pm cup of coffee. I have been reading 'Skinny Bitch' which illustrates that to be truelly healthy you must be vegan. And other corruptions of those passing laws and guidelines for health. I discovered the book in Georgia's bookshelf. Learnt some sad facts though. Apparently milk is really bad for you. And fish as it is contaminated with pesticides, hormones etc. And I learnt how mistreated animals are. How they are boiled, paralyzed, cut up and left to bleed to death. This was the same time James told me that pigs are smart animals and he found this awesome link...

You must watch the video. This is mainly for Helen but all will enjoy.

The book did have an optimistic ending. I finished it and walked home past some restaurants on Yew Street that look fun.

Since then I have been looking at apartments that could host people to come and stay, looking at the menus of the restaurants I passed and learning a little Japanese.

This too is fun.

James has now come home bearing a hot dog and is slightly moody. He asked me to read him this journal and his mood turned when I read "I bought some bbq pork dim sum for james"

Oh, and I included photos of work. Adonia and Brock House. And one for James. He is being trained to become a crepe chef :)

Apologies for the small photos. They are borrowed from the websites.



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