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Things to do in Rome

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Soak up the sensation of the ancient Roman atmosphere throughout the city as you encounter the sites of Rome .  Pay a visit to the icon of ancient Rome, the Colosseum, one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and engineering. Here you will gain insight into the way of life in ancient Rome. Crowds up to 50 000 strong swarmed to the stadium to witness gladiators in brutal battles man on man or man versus beast. An estimated half a million human lives came to an end in this amphitheatre and it is supposed that more than a million wild animals lost their lives here as well.

The function of the Roman Forum in those days is comparable to our modern central business district (CBD), or in other words the heart of the developing civilisation. Some of the most important buildings and structures of the time were located here including the Royal Residence (locally known as the Regia), surrounded by numerous Temples, Basilicas, Arches and other such structures. The Roman Forum also provided abode for the political needs of ancient Rome, with the formal Comitium (“place of assembly”) which was the centre for politics, used for assembling councils and tribunals as well as hosting elections and the like. On top of being the social, economical and political hub the Forum was also the axis of religious life which can be seen with its many temples and the famous Vestal Virgins found here in the Artium Vestae or House of the Vestals.

The Trevi Fountain was erected to honour the completion of the aqueduct “Acqua Vergine”. Although the original version did not look like the magnificent structure we see before us today, the fountain was built in accordance with the Roman custom of constructing a handsome fountain at the end of an aqueduct that brought water into Rome. The fountain, located in the heart of Rome at the terminal point of the 22km long aqueduct now supplies water to the fountains of Rome. The current day fountain now depicts Neptune (God of the sea) in his shell shaped chariot being drawn by two winged horses. The contrasting calm and chaotic moods of the horses symbolise the sporadic moods of the sea. The impressive backdrop to the fountain is the Pallazo Poli which also houses collections of copper engraving plates. Legend has it that any visitor who throws a coin into the fountain waters can be certain of a return to Rome. An approximate €3,000 worth of coins are strewn into the waters of the Trevi Fountain each day!

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Rome – Ancient ruins and modern romance

Rome, Italy