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our family are very thankful fr up above to have a wonderful, fun, & safe trip. everybody enjoyed it alot!! we camp @ tamarack flat campground, outside yosemite valley, bec. of the change of plan. it turned out a very nice & quiet campsite. the kids enjoyed the stream next to our site. these are some of the places, vistas, viewpoints, turnouts, hiking trail, mountains, water falls, river, lake, beach, museums, mall, waterparks, & theme park that we visited. we loved all the breathtaking views in yosemite. papa was in his crutches for 2 days & got better after. papa, george, eric, jeff, & joselle climb the rocks to the base of bridalveil falls & lower yosemite falls. jas wanted to go w/ them but shes still little, he!he!he!. i also wanted to climb but i had to stay w/ jas. the rest of the falls we saw are just from the viewpoints. the water flow is almost dry but we can still see some nice flow. we pretty much hike the easy trail, cuz of papa's condition & the stroller. but there still some steeps & uphill, that's why it seems like its longer. the museums are awesome. the girls was scared @ the indian lady thats making the basket. tunnel view, glacier point are some of our favorites. TENAYALAKE is the unforgatable bec.of its warm water & breathtaking view. but all of them are oasis. the kids love the swimming part eventhough in some places, the water is cold. we are amaze how clear the water was, very beautiful. the most fun part was when we saw the bear swimming @ sentinel beach & got out of the water afterwards, also the kids got more excited when they saw the deer in same place, & lots more other animals that we saw. san fran was also fun escp @ fishermans wharf. the food are delicious. we did not see much of the golden gate bridge bec. it was really foggy & cold @ that time, but it still nice to see it up close, even just the bottom of it. fresno was humid, so we just went shopping @ the mall. we love the fruits @ oaksdale espec their fresh sweet corn. we grill the corn in the firepit, & it was really good. just remembered how we grilled the corn in the phil. on a real woods. it tasted different. we also pass by hetch hetchy road where we saw the water reservoir for SF. beautiful view also. unbelievable giant sequioa trees @ mariposa grove. fun experience riding in thier hybrid shuttle. to valencia... we soak up @ the hurricane harbor & enjoyed the most of their water slides. stayed in the hotel for 3 nights & liked their comlimentary breakfast espec the part where we make our own waffles. relax in the warm pool in the evening. the end of our trip was universal studios. we all havethe annualpass, so might as well stop by. the girls are still into characters like mommy. ha! ha! ha! enjoyed the shows,rides & foods. the fun part was the curious george area where the kids had fun getting wet & lots of balls to play with in the dry area. soooooo!!! much FUN!!!!.oh!!!so many stories to tell, but all we can say is... EVERYTHING is beautiful, espec if the family are together enjoying the place, thats why its a never ending thank u to GOD for everything that we enjoyed & for the blessings that we have... the pix are not in ordered but i hope u guys will enjoy them as much as we did in reality. i wish i can fit all the pix, but it takes awhile to download. anywayz, theres alot already!!! we are now planning for our spring break vacation 2010, but above all, we're praying for the guidance of GOD to keep our family healthy & happy together....GOD BLESS!!!!


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yosemite, san fransisco,fresno,oaksdale, United States