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Los Angeles And Chicago Makes Cross Country Travel With Three Destination Of Denver

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Last holidays we planned to visit two cities Los Angeles and Chicago with friends. But by going from Los Angeles to Chicago we meet with Denver city about which we heard but not see. By getting this city we extend our trip for three cities instead of two cities. For enjoying this whole trip we spend our fifteen days. By enjoying this trip one of my friend told us that visiting two cities of different states is known as cross country travel. By knowing all about these all of us feel very excited and give a name to this trip by cross country travel with friends from Los Angeles to Chicago. For planning this trip we searched only cheap hotel rooms for making our reservation at both destinations. By searching we meet with a new platform which gives us a list of hotels and we reserved them. With the help of these hotels we make our travel budget and luxury. To enjoy this trip we leave our hometown on 10th Nov 2009 at evening by our own car and we were four friends.

                                                                              By leaving our hometown first of all we went to Los Angeles and up to late night we reached there. By getting this city in night we see beautiful night view of this city. In this city, first of all we checked in our Los Angeles hotels that were reserved from a list of cheap hotels in los angeles at discount offers with all facilities. By spending a night with a lot of new ambitions in heart we start our trip from next day. This city was fully surrounded with deep valley, mountains, desert, and Pacific Ocean. First of skylines of this city welcome us and then we spent at least four days in this city.

First day we spent at GriffithPark where we enjoy all adventurous and get opportunity to come closer with nature. Six flag MagicMountain and Los Angeles museum were other famous attractions.

Second day we see historical sites and museums of this city which were famous and enjoy nightlife.

Third day we went for Hollywood which is most attraction symbol of this city where we see a lot of live concerts, events and other special. Here we also see a movie.

Fourth day we went for enjoying harbor area which was the largest sea port and here we take a boat trip for Catalina Island.

                                                     Fifth day we also see zoo and by taking lunch we leave this city and move towards to Chicago. While going to Chicago first of all we meet with Las Vegas where we enjoy only casino for sometime and up to late night we reached to Denver which was the center point of both cities. By entering to this city we see a lot of attractions and planned to spend some days. This also wants that we see this city because of tourist seasons we also get of denver hotels from a list of hotels in Denver of same site with all ultra modern facilities and booked it for four days.

First day we leave our late morning because of tiring due to driving and journey. When we went outside this city then first of all we went to visitor center to know more about this city and this city was located in mid Atlantic region of Rocky Mountains.

Second day we see Denver museums where skylines were famous attractions of this city. This day we explore mostly all museums.

Third day, we visit to Denver park, botanic garden, Washington park that were furnished with beautiful gardens, fountains, indoor & outdoors, and adventure activities also. This day we also see international film and wine festival.

Fourth day, we visit for Denver zoo and amusement parks where we enjoy ridings and other entertainment activities. At zoo, there were so many water activities, exhibits, and wildlife viewing.

Fifth day we see colorado state capitol building from outside, leave our hotel and then move towards to Chicago which was our planned city.

                                                                                 While getting to Chicago city from Denver we spent our so much time because we went there with full entertainment and within 16 hours we get this city. With the entry of this city skylines create a nice image in our heart for this city. As it was time of late night so we went to our hotels in chicago for taking rest and we reserved it from a list of Chicago hotels by searching on net. This hotel was containing with all modern facilities which enjoy and helpful for each and every visitors to enjoy this city.

First day we enjoy magnificent mile tour that was of one day and night. We enjoyed this tour with skyscraper, amazing view, foods, and parks.

Second day we went to Michigan lake which was freshwater lake and here we enjoy water activities. Oak Street and north avenue beach were fashionable places of this city to which we enjoyed a lot.

Third day, we see all nature things at Lincoln park, Lakeview, Rogers park, Hyde park, Washington park, midway park, loop grant park and millennium park.

Fourth day we went to Chicago china town from where we take some good things. This day we also explore so many museums of arts, history and science with interesting nightlife in clubs.

Fifth day, we see Lincoln Park zoo that was very nice with different species, adventure rides, trails, and water activities also.

At the time of evening we leave this city by checking out our hotel and then move towards to our hometown with a new life structure which we get this by cross country travel.


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Adventure Holidays With Cross Country Travel In Los Angeles, Denver, And Chicago

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