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Museum Journal 3

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As well as visiting the emotionally moving Anne Frank Museum, I was also given the opportunity to visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Holland. Although I am not the biggest Museum fanatic, as many of my peers seem to be- the Van Gogh Museum was extremely interesting.

The museum is extremely large, showcasing Van Gogh's work throughout his entire life, as well as many other talented artists in his time. This specific exhibition was uniquely designed in a chronological fashion, in which allowed visitors to the Museum to clearly see Van Gogh's artisitic growth throughout his short life. As I began my artistic venture into the world of paint and sculpture, I found that Van Gogh's earlier works were not as impressive as I thought I was going to find. His painting styles seemed primitive and blurry, and his use of color had not yet evolved into pure artistic talent. However, before I completely undermine his genius artistic talent, I found that as years passed, Van Gogh's paintings evolved into pure beauty. This was interesting to actually see within 5-8 years because he basically taught himself all of these skills. By mirroring his artistic idols and their own styles, Van Gogh was able to better his art 50 times over, in a short span of years. This takes pure talent.

Another interesting piece of information I gathered from my visit to this museum was that Van Gogh was actually mentally insane. Although sad and disappointing that he died at such a young age, it is interesting to think that a mentally insane patient had the talent to create such pieces of art. Now, in 2008, he has hundreds and hundreds of tourists coming in from all over the world to take a sneak- peak at his life work. Seems ironic and speaks volumes to the irony of humankind and how history seems to unfold.

At this museum, I was also given the opportunity to see some of Monet's works- whom I have always (since the age of 9) admired. His use of color is extraordinary and I like his brush strokes. If you look at a piece by Monet at first glance, it looks extremely blurry and unclear. However, every piece has so many layers to it and longer one analyzes it- the more clear it becomes. Pure talent.

My visit to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Holland was quite enjoyable and I hope that everyone can experience such an artistic adventure.


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