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Museum Journal 1

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Meine erste Museum Tagebuch:

Within the first few weeks of arriving, I was able to appreciate the works of art in the Ugisterner Museum, located directly in AugustinerPlatz. As I wandered into the hall of art, holdingpieces in which dated back thousands of years after a quaint German lunch at a nearby cafe, I was immediately drawn in and amazed by the detail in each colected piece. Ranging from sculptures to enourmous, religiously based patinings- each piece represented something different for me.

Historically, the pieces are from the South of Germany (oder Sugdeustchland), from years ranging from 1620 to 1630. Many of the paintings focus on the Catholic story of Jesus and Virgin Maria.

Something interesting I found in multiple paintings was the way they depicted baby Jesus. In paintings in which portrayed the religious symbol in infancy, he was extremely mature looking, with man- like facial features. These featured artists in the Augustiner Museum- I assume- knew very well which artistic themes they were hoping to communicate through their depictions of baby Jesus. It would be interesting to hear first hand their perceptions and reasons to why Jesus in infancy depicted such male maturity. What messages were they hoping to send to the public and generations to come? These are the types of questions that are both important and interesting to ask when analyzing pieces of art. Also, being able to see such pieces of art in their home land is even more intriguing.

The adventure through this museum allowed a visitor to see sculptures, paintings, metal works, and ceramic works. I personally enjoy museums when each piece of work is individually relevant to my own life, which then allows me to understand the history behind each art piece. The relevance was difficult to find during my walk- through, however it was extremely interesting to see the detailed work put into each and every collected piece in the Augustiner Museum.

Some of the larger sculptures, depicting larger men, were actually broken into two because the way they were recovered from the South of Germany. When I was able to see how truly old these pieces were, their historical power surfaced to me. I would definitely recommend this museum to a person whom is interested in seeing the varying religious pieces from different places in Germany.


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Freiburg, Germany