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Amsterdam – “Alternative lifestyles and tolerance for all”

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When you visit a foreign city it’s nice to get a look at all the things you have heard about over the years before you managed to get there. For example most visitors to Amsterdam would have heard about the Red Light District and Anne Frank House, but what else have they heard about before their visit? How many of the museums have been recommended to you and which ones will you visit?

One thing I can say that genuinely pleases me about the
Destination Guide is its balance between all things touristy - which usually are a must see - and the less well known parts of the city. For instance a visit to the Homomunument, skating through the Vondelpark or watching (or playing) Chess at Max Euweplein. Every tourist surely ends up at Leidseplein at some point during their stay but how many of them managed to discover the pleasure of watching two promising masters go head to head at chess - just around the corner!

What nicer place to spend a sunny summer midday than relaxing on a nice soft patch of grass –maybe by the water, feeding the ducks – just metres away in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark? But why not hire yourself some skates or take a bike tour to see the entire park for yourself? Have you thought about attending one of the festivals or concerts held in the Wester- or Oosterpark?

Experience the fun and sometimes chaotic canals by giving yourself a canal tour of Amsterdam in a hired canal bike (pedal boat). You and up to three others can decide where your journey will take you, and who knows what you could see on the way! Boats can be hired and dropped off at three locations around the city – so try it out, have fun, and don’t get wet!

Want to be kept up to date about the latest and upcoming Amsterdam events? This and much more Amsterdam information can be found in the online travel guide.


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