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Good morning to all,


Yes, I am up and writing to you in a cafe as James attends a work meeting. And it is precisely 9.23am. I feel glowy and proud. Although I'm drinking some rubbish mint tea. It smells like liquorish and tastes like spearmint.


I feel I should justify my lack of diary entries... I attempted to write to you but all was lost and I got frustrated and abandoned ship. So I am writing in trusty wordpad :)


Fireworks, Lynn Valley, House sitting, James' job, Anne getting hit on by a doctor. Cat thieves. Home. More pointers for me than an introduction of what we have to come for you.


James has been working at cafe crepe- it's a diner style restaurant and although he is hurting his back dishwashing, there has been talk about him becoming a 'crepe chef''. I think it's quite fun and at least and at last he has a job. I think he's meekly looking for another job but probably sick of 'the hunt'. Either way I'm proud of him, and proud that his managers see potential in the boy.


Work for me has been much of the same, quite fun though. I've become closer with a girl called Simone who is very North American. The kind of girl that says ewww a lot. I'm not painting a good picture. But she reminds me of Helen in that I'm like her side kick and people group us together. 'The girls'. Oh and she is naughtier than me. She invited me to Bowen Island which we may venture to next week.

            One of my old favs Jeremy is hot and cold at the moment but I guess it's hard to balance being a manager and 'one of us'. We had a fun wedding the other day, with doctors and sirs and one of the doctors asked me to go out for a coffee - he was slightly old however. I will never know how old. A month ago maybe, I got an invite on a bike ride from Vancouver to Florida. Sounds pretty cool but I've only just started to ride again myself. Poor James. (James wonders why he doesn't get hit on.....)


Oh yes I bought a bike- a spearmint green bike and a basket to go with and have been riding to work and back daily.


We moved to our new apartment August 1st and it's been so good. I'm not sure if James has mentioned this but I will repeat. We live on Maple Street and 3rd in a neighbourhood called Kitsilano. Kits if you're cool. The address is 1988 Maple Street. Double points for the Canadian/egocentric address. We live with a guy called Dan and a Venezualan girl called Marionella. Both very nice and friendly. Dan mainly eats canned ravioli and Marionella looks like the curvier stage of Helen. Avec tan. Georgia (the owner) and Basil her brat of a dog are on holiday and will return to Dan's room when he moves out. We're not allowed to touch the dog or give it any attention. But we don't need you Basil. We found ourselves another pet friend. Well he followed James to our door. He lives in the apartment building and his name is Sid. He is a deliciously fat black cat and we stole him for a little while and tried to replicate a Moley night time sleep with Sid. (His owners were out and he had been sick and in a fight and we had spoke to a neighbour and she said he always comes into her apartment- so the thievery was legit. I love Sid. He layed on our bed for a little while but eventually left. We are planning another catnap.

            Back to the house... it's the perfect area. 3rd and Cypress (the next block along) are bike roads and it pretty much leads me all the way to work. The ride home at night time sometimes involves run ins with skunks but so far, has been a pleasure filled ride.




I have taken a 12 hour break and now am at home on my laptop listening to ‘Funeral’ by Band of Horses. We had a lovely lovely day. James came out of his meeting and met me in the coffee shop and we walked home but on the way got stopped by a guy with a camera filming a commercial. He asked us about our opinion on ‘Torontoians’ and we looked baffled. “What’s your opinion about people from Toronto?” We thought we’d missed out on hot new terminology. The campaign is for coors beer. The mountains turn blue when the beer hits optimum temperature. Apparently those from Toronto are cold people… Some linkage there. This is mainly for Helen… I mentioned raccoons, and described them as street people but thought to myself maybe this is just a Helen phrase. And then James added something about cougars to run along with the animal theme. I also discussed the fact that you were impregnated in Toronto but I’m not sure a. how it all linked and b. how they can use our mediocre footage. But it was fun. James was wearing a led zeppelin t shirt and I a trilby. We at least looked cool? Although my face was not made up and I had only received 5 hours sleep. Bah.


Anyway, we walked home going through the many surf/skate shops along 4th. We then got burnt at the beach, came home, ate a burger and went to see 500 days of summer at our local cinema which is only 4 blocks away. There’s an old train line that runs through 5th I believe and there are little allotments and gardens along it. It’s very adorable. James and I loved the film. The way it was shot, the humour, timing. We recommend.


I should head to the main point of this diary entry. Annotating the photos which I have now nicely organised :)


Going back a few weeks to The festival of lights! It’s a fireworks competition over 4 days. Uk, China, Canada and South Africa competed. It all takes place on boats and the audience watch from the beach. We first watched at English Bay- it was raining and the sky was bright orange above us. It was a crazy night. The whole sky was alight with lightning bolts and thunder storms which all added to the atmosphere. I’m not kidding. The craziest storm. This was South Africa night. This night also coincided with us staying at Cassandra’s house. (We looked after Mila and the swanky Yaletown pad for the weekend.)


The best night was China night, I am sad to say. This was August 1st. We’d just moved into our new place and headed to a park just next to Kitsilano beach to watch the fireworks. From here you can see across to English Bay so you’re just the other side of the fireworks. This spot was amazing though. We went beyond the park, past another beach and onto a rocky bit of land on the edge of the water. On the water everyone with their boats are also watching the fireworks. I love huge gatherings of people. And the light against the boats was magical. See photos J


We also went to Lynn Canyon Suspension bridge where we swam and James jumped off rocks. That was pretty cool. And free. Just a bus ride from North Vancouver. Still have plans to go sailing or canoeing but James is a busy working wasp for the next few days so I will amuse myself with Gossip Girl and reading.


I’m getting tired now and want to watch gossip girl. Next time I will write things when they happen so they aren’t so brief. It was nice seeing and talking to you all in our second life x



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Lynn Valley + Festival of lights

Lynn Valley, Vancouver, Canada