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A Group Travel At Home Of The Music Cities

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Our group wanted different kinds of travel in this years, a long search got best cities for travel, which is located in Tennessee state, which were Nashville (the capitol of Tennessee state), Memphis. These cities carrying of music, and well-known ‘country of music’, the Memphis city know as home of the blues music. All most in our group were music lover so not doubt to anybody to visit there. Our group has three boys and three girls, all of them happy about that trip and so exited about these cities trip.

                                                We planned to stay first at Nashville and then Memphis, according to our planned we reserved rooms for stay both stay places, but it was not too easy, all of them were college student and save to pockets money then we go there, so wanted all of them cheap stay as well as cheap travel. After long search we got it cheap hotels in Memphis, also cheap hotels In Nashville. In my home, all of them gathered in early morning, our flight take off near about 10 O, clock, it was first time when all guys visited to any place. I knew one think, college time is best time for any body. So we were traveling to Tennessee state city.

                                                            In evening time we reached to Nashville, very beautiful city, everywhere all things looking so good, because it’s a capitol of Tennessee.

First we hired two taxi and went our reserved room near downtown of Nashville. In the way, lightning and music was coming in our ears, I love lightning. Just half minute we reached to our reserved hotel, which called ‘Knight Inn Nashville tn hotels. In out side area, his look was superb as well as. We booked three rooms at $40. And we managed them. Not too more nighttime, it was only 7 O’clock and we got ready for surfing market. Girls always love pizza and burger, and other fast-food to anyplace. In street market restaurants we bought few pizza’s and ate them, more delicious it was.

Took some coffee also. Walked hotel nearest street near about 10’clock. During walking we ate also ice cream near ice-cream restaurants. Nighttime, we heard lots of music in street area, because it was home of music city. After long walk we went to our rooms.

We also planned next day travel and went to sleep.

                                                Early morning we gathered after refreshment to one room, took continental breakfast, it was free from hotel. We made to plan for Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and Musica. First we reached to county music hall of fame and museum, where we took lots of enjoyment, at after noon. Left that place 2pm and moved to near restaurants for lunch. In lunch including, some sandwich, pizza(again), coffee and ice-cream, also shake loved by all. After 3:30 we got again taxi and reached to Musica. Where we spend our half day full and near about 10 O’clock we came back to our hotel room after got long and memorable enjoyment to there.

                                                Next day we saw lots of place, which were--Belle Meade Plantation, Belmont Mansion , The Hermitage, Tennessee State Museum . We left Tennessee state museum in 4:45 pm . This time was not for traveling because after 5pm all place to be closed. So came back to our hotel room, fresh it himself, went to near bar area, took few drinks and dancing all guys to there, very awesome time that day, near about 10 pm we came back to our room. Next two day, we saw lots of place, purchased some items to shopping place, watched also few show in near famous theater and left that city and went to Memphis city.

                                    In Memphis city, we enjoyed lot of, watched downtown Memphis (In night time it was looking to awesome). We enjoyed to beale street area, because there located home of the blues music. It was very interesting time for us. Mississippi river located to that city, recreational point was located there more, and we spend to our full day to there. Also watched famous museum to Memphis city. I wanted to watch panda so visit at Memphis zoo. Where located more panda and other animals.

Totally we enjoyed lots of time at music places, hiking also we did it. And some best well-known play we did there. And came back to our hometown after 11 days journey. Memphis city and Nashville city is very famous for travel.



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Home Of The Blue Music ’Memphis’

memphis, United States