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in and around Arnold, Missouri not far from St. Louis

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Arnold, Missouri:


Just southwest of the city of St. Louis is little Arnold.   One of the first towns in Missouri to go smoke free, it is also unhappily one of the first to set up photo traffic intersections.   While there are only a few such road intersections that have photo surveilance, one has to plan their trip around these places if one can. A ticket from one of them costs $100 to the driver.  If you see a yellow traffic light, you'd better stop in Arnold!

These photos really don't show any of the town as it is quite spread out, I was more interested in the cloud coverage than the town at this time.  I will update the posting with genuine pictures of the town itself.  Unlike european or asian towns and cities, there is no real center of town.    


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going toward Arnold, Missouri just south of Saint Louis

saint louis (arnold missouri), United States