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Frailey's Irish bar and grill is a strip mall bar off Butler Hill road in south county

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Frailey's has $7 pitchers of cold domestic beer so thats a definate plus for cheap suds suckers.  Its also a sports bar with plenty of televisions all around, but unfortunately the sound is never up on those so you have to guess whats happening during a game or race.  This is fairly typical of sports bars everywhere.  They pipe in music and the sports televisions are just for effect. (However, on Telegraph road a featured bar here is Frankie G's which does turn up the audio good and loud for any baseball or football game, if its important enough to be heard.).

We arrived on a Sunday afternoon and the place was virtually empty, but thats what we want nowadays anyway.  As time went on the place started to fill up.  Typical bar food and decent prices, not cheap however like Fast Eddies Bon Aire in Alton, Illinois, also featured in my collection of travels.

Outdoor sidewalk seating is also present as shown.  Smokers usually take over these types of seating however.. Again not a smoke free restaurant, but separate tables are available for nonsmokers.

The shots of the restroom have a beautiful etched mirror with the Fraileys name on it, very unusual for a bar restroom I might add.  Most bars have trouble keeping mirrors from being destroyed in their restrooms, so you can bet Fraileys is not a biker bar or anything close to it.

Our salad was wilted and not crisp or cold, so while it had good presentation, wilted salad is not a good thing.

Take I-55 southbound from downtown St. Louis for about a half hour or less and get off the Butler Hill exit.  A grocery store supermarket and other businesses are present in this strip mall, with Fraileys Bar all the way down to the very end of the strip.   Do not expect big things by going to Fraileys as it is a rather typical U.S. bar/restaurant.  Their type are all over the St. Louis area, so find a close one and chill, you will have seen them all if you enter just one.  Go to this for map, phone, etc.


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a trip to Frailey's Bar and Grill in south county St. Louis

saint louis, United States