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on the road again around town

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This very uneventful trip around town took in a stop at the nearby drugstore, but Walgreens is a national chain of stores that go far beyond selling just pharmacy stuff.  Most of the store is full of products you won't see sold anywhere else, not even at WalMart!   Its usually overpriced junk.


The bathroom shots were just done as a joke actually, but when I got to going to so many stores and restaurants, I got to get into the habit of checking out the condition of the restrooms.   If the restrooms are dirty or not showcase worthy, what does this say about the kitchen which you can't see.  The restroom of any place tells you a lot about the business itself I think.  So I will continue to have photos posted of the glamourous and not so fancy restrooms where ever my cell phone camera takes me.  Hope you find them as mildly interesting as I do.  I credit Heather, a fellow traveller, for inspiring me to think outside the box as to what a "trip" really constitutes.  A photo journey can be as mundane and routine as you want to make it.


I think foreignors, of which there are plenty on this site, would find mildly amusing the shots I post. Its a face of the U.S. they would never see otherwise, especially if they can't come here for themselves.  Even if they do, they end up going to all the usually high profile places in town like the Gateway Arch or Busch Stadium or the zoo, which are fine, but in no way shows them how the locals live their day to day rat race lives. So now you know why I post so many boring visits or travels around town because even in the unspectacular you can find more about the people than all that glossy tourist stuff.


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