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UNfriendly upscale Oakville, Missouri is south down I-55 from Saint Louis's Gateway Arch

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Oakville, Missouri, U.S.---   a sleepy, no town hall, snake filled bedroom community is just south of downtown St. Louis, Missouri down I-55, exit at I-255 and look for the Telegraph Road exit and go south.  All of it is Oakville but the only way you would know is if you go to the Oakville U.S. post office in Dierberg's Plaza.  

The restaurant featured here is a U.S. wide chain of restaurants known as the Bread Company, formerly the St. Louis Bread Company, bought out or re-invented  some years ago as the Panera Bread Company.  These coffee and light food restaurants are located in the metro area and all over the U.S.   StarBucks out of Seatle saw them as competion and began building their own locations near the Bread Company restaurants, sometimes next door!  (update:    Starbucks down the street just closed due to no interest)

Oakville has its own upscale housing subdivisions, one being Graycliffe with half million dollar homes in abundance. Fairfield is another started a few years ago.  Starbucks just built (and now closed) a new location down the road, but it hasn't impacted the Bread Company's business here much since they just do coffee while the Bread Co. serves fresh pastries and sandwiches in addition to a small variety of coffees.  Endless cups too starting at $1.59 for the "tall" coffee, which is really the smallest paper cup they have, which is plenty enough.  Endless refills too, try their hazelnut flavored coffee, its the best.



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a visit to sleepy Oakville Missouri just south of the Gateway Arch

saint louis, oakville missouri, United States