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all about Zhongshan, China

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Background info. to accompany Zhongshan, China visit:

Zhongshan is situated in the Pearl River Delta Region of Guangdong Province, on the west bank of the estuary of the Pearl River. It is geographically connected with Guangzhou(capital of Guangdong Province) on the north and in vicinity to Hong Kong and Macao. The total mileage of the city reaches 1,665.8 km. There are three foreign trade ports within the city and five airports around. Railway transportation to other parts of the country is also convenient with the railways starting in the nearby Guangzhou.

Zhongshan covers an area of 1,800 sq km and has a permanent population of some 1.4 million. The city is located in a subtropical humid zone with an annual average temperature around 23.0°C.

Zhongshan has nurtured numerous prominent historical figures throughout its history. On November 12, 1866, Dr. Sun Yat-sen (also Sun Zhongshan,) the great forerunner of China's democratic revolution, was born at Cuiheng village of Zhongshan. In memory of him, the county of Xiangshan, which was set up in 1152, was renamed after Dr. Sun as Zhongshan in 1925. Now, Zhongshan is China's only city that is named after a great historical figure.


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2001 business trip was 2 hours boat ride from Hong Kong

zhongshan, China