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Cash only and over 21 years old, Fast Eddies is the place to be most anytime

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Alton, MO, USA----    

Note:   Fast Eddies is 21 years and older AND  cash only!   NO credit cards accepted.

Just north of the Gateway Arch, take I-270 to the Salsbury exit to the McKinley Bridge which takes you over the Mississippi river to Illinois route 3 north all the way to Fast Eddies.

Fast Eddies, Bon Aire is and shall be the best place to be on Sundays in the metro St. Louis area.  Be prepared to stand in line as soon as you walk in because you will wait for ever to get food if you don't.  The line can be short or very long, but get in line asap.  Your partner can look for a table in the meanwhile.  Beer is $2.50 a tall glass, Miller only however.   No Budweiser products sold here.  

Parking is up and down the hill either side of Fast Eddies.  Not been here at night, I hear it is a wild place to be as it has outside live music on their patio.  But Sundays and Saturdays during the day is pretty good too, especially if it is sunny.   If you like to people watch,  Fast Eddies Bon Aire is the place to be.


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Fast Eddies Bon-Air is the place to be in Alton Illinois just north of Saint Louis

Saint Louis, United States