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Albany, Colorado Springs, And Houston Journey

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In twenty days between we completed our journey Houston to Albany. Some of best destinations greedy attract to Houston, TX, Colorado Springs, CO and Albany, NY. We wanted to travel Albany due to our world. Actually I am live in Los Angeles but according to my world, most of time I visit many places in worldwide but last year only we deal in usa clients. In our travel we enjoyed more time because I am time punctual and finished our work in short time so I am best. Past six month we worked with Erick. He is also best person in Heart and works both sides. So first we wanted to go at Houston city, then Colorado Springs and last went to Albany where we stay one week, then return to our office by flight, told every details and information about our presentation to our company. Our company is happy with our work.

                                                Then I tell you our travel experience with work, how can I manage that journey? Lets read with carefully. First we reserved tickets for Houston city and went there with airplane. Got our reservation hotels, which was more attractive and carried huge best services at near by other hotels, because it’s a cheap hotels in Houston, if you search by online help then you understand after comparing other hotels. Whatever, we finished our work with my world in two days, and planned three days tour in Houston city. we visited third in museum, which was wonder of history and culture carrying with us. In evening time, some time took drinks, and street food always we ate because taste of that food was wonder all time. Dinning did most of time at famous restaurants but every time new place. Three days we went in Houston at museum, parks, garden and little time did shopping with shopping complex area. Street of Houston always took fun with walk.

                                    Fifth days departed to Colorado spring, which is located in ColoradoState. It’s a place of Garden of the Gods( a series of dramatic sandstone in there). Both of the so excited to watch that area so did all presentation in airplane and hotels rooms in Colorado springs in one before of presentation. Next day, went for our work and presents to our clients our presentations, after that they agreed with our proposal and we got happiness and send to all details to our hometown offices. Came back our cheap hotels in Colorado Springs, our friend told, when we did our Garden of gods destination travel. First we arrange a guide for that place because we did not know about that area and not my friend, with help of hotel got a travel guide, which was a experts of that area after travel we know it very well. So early morning we left our hotel for Garden of Gods. Reached there with help of car. Which is so like because it’s free and hiking area was too best for all time. Reached there 10am, starting our hiking with our guide, watched during hiking, water falls (where time was too good and swimming did there) a best place forever, wild life and birds also watched in middle way. In evening came back a long and excitement journey at dramatic sandstone mountains. Also ate street food there in one week travel, shopping time not good like Houston city because not proper wear there for our favorite style. So some art galley entertain me more time. In One week we enjoyed much more and not forget that time. At Albany have much more work waiting for us so after one week we reached to Albany.

                                      Our Houston, Colorado Springs and Albany trip just like L shape trip, if you see on map then under stand. Albany city is famous city in world wide for his business, technology and economical biggest area it is. Here our work time near about four days, because four new clients wants to join our company but they wants some best presentation to our work, one day we completed our presentation all details and glad to all client with our presentation, one client was not satisfied with our presentation, so whatever, we could not feel it but when we came to our office then that client agreed to our partner ship. We stayed at cheap hotels in Albany, because in the recession cut all extra things so all time we reserved cheap hotels in our destination, that cheap hotels was wonder and best. Meals of that area so delicious e loved it more time, every days street food we ate number of time. We watched there tulip festival, museum, Washington parks, hiking near the rocks area, fishing on the beach, ate seafood (we loved so much), tour of Albany city by care was too wonder, we loved so much and came back to our home after 20 days journey.



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Garden Of Gods- A Dramatic Sandstone Place

Houston, United States