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Colonial Williamsburg, home of William and Mary College near Norfolk, Virginia

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Williamsburg, Virginia----

The first capital of Virginia, Williamsburg is not a living town anymore but a serious archeological dig by William and Mary College and the Williamsburg Foundation started by John D. Rockefeller in the thirties.  A neglected blighted area in the twenties, Rockefeller helped publicise the need to research documents and the remaining foundations of homes and business long destroyed by time.

The entire colonial town has been meticulously rebuilt from insurance records and whatever scholars could find to rebuild the structures of famous inhabitants.   The seat of Virginia's rallying cry for independence from Britian,  Patrick Henry here made his impassioned speech ending with "As or me, give me liberty or death".

The British, however, did not find his speech humourous and in time wanted to hang folks like Henry.

We have visited Williamsburg several times, in the summer and winter (at Christmas), but found more activities during summer days.  A fully uniformed militia marches down the streets with fife and drum every day and do drills in the common ground.  They fire a small canon which will make your pants flutter even though you are standing well away from the blast.  

 By the way, they worn visitors to stand clear of the marching soldiers as they will walk over you if they have to.  I was videotaping them and didn't realize they were about to knock me down as I stood looking through my viewfinder instead of their oncoming march to me! It was ghastly and embarresing to say the least but I got it all on tape.


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Williamsburg Virginia is a Colonial historic spot to see

Williamsburg, United States