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My life

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This weekend found me messing with a laptop that had issues using Internet Explorer 8.  It froze every time I tried to "save picture as" while on line.  After hours trying to fix this problem I may be forced to uninstall IE8.  I had tried to not install it but in a moment of weakness I did and now I regret it.  My big mistake, as I found out, was that I installed it with my firewall and antivirus programs working. 

Went to nearby Farmington, Missouri on Sunday as the weather was outstanding, low humidity and temps. Went to the Branding Iron, a bar-b-que restaurant which serves up human size ribs.  Maybe the funeral home next door should have tipped me off to this phenomena.  I have pictures to share with you all, especially Heather, since she is into architecture.  The restaurant is circa 2008 construction and will be destroyed by a good wind someday.

I got up to go to work today at a very scientific company in the healthcare industry.  They make imaging solution to inject into you when you go to get a scan. Big bucks in this stuff and the company makes billions.  Unfortunately they just layed off 40 research scientists because the company was not making enough money to justify keeping 20 year veterans around.   Since my longest run anywhere was 11 years, I can't imagine 20.

Life is kind of surreal at the moment, but TripNtale has made it interesting.  Stay tuned for more adventures of myself in the best kept secret, perhaps there is a reason, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.


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