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Ma'm, Can I Please See Your License & Registration...

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Let me begin by saying that the kids and I have made it to Fort Smith, Arkansas....barely!  No, we're all fine, don't worry, but the past two days on the road....well, just read.

Arizona proved to be much crueler to Joey going home than coming.  With only a slight change in elevation, Joey began crying and then the seizures began.  This surprised me since I had given him extra doses of three seizure meds in Kingman, where we had stayed the night.  We pulled off the interstate and had to give Joey two more doses of Diastat and another dose of Phenobarbital.  Worried that he was going to go into respiratory distress, I sent a message to my brother and my pharmacist friend, Jess, letting them know what Joey had been given.  As I thought, I would not be able to give Joey any further medication should his seizures persist.  With no hospital in sight, actually, not much of anything in sight, I said another prayer.  Thank goodness the seizures calmed down and  Joey finally fell asleep.  We now had a new game through the entire state of Arizona as quickly as possible.  I have absolutely no recollection of that part of the trip - it is literally a blur.

Finally crossing the New Mexico state line- and way behind schedule - I began to question whether or not we would make our day's destination of Tucumcari - which is on the New Mexico/Texas border.  Road construction, rain and Joey's seizures set us back hours and the one thing I was trying to avoid was going to happen....I would be driving at night.  We pulled off the interstate one more time for a much needed caffeine fix, checked the forecast (rain) and jumped back on the interstate. 

There isn't much to see during the day driving through New Mexico, even less at night.  Add rain, a very narrow one lane interstate and a lightening storm and you get a frazzled mom, white knuckled on the steering wheel with a "deer in the headlight" stare from too much coffee.  For at least 30 miles it was if I was driving into some dark abyss, I could only see what the headlights from my car would light up.  Occasionally, the lightening storm would light up the interstate and Gionna would make comments like, "will we be ok if lightening hits the car", or "did you see that, I think the lightening hit the interstate".  My favorite...."can you slow down, I want to get this on video".......This is when I question why I encouraged her to speak when she was little.

I decided some music would put an end to Gia's commentary.  I put the radio on scan and the first station it stopped on provided a cute little number from AC/DC...."Highway to Hell".  I'm not kidding - I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  Deciding that wasn't the theme music I wanted playing, I pressed the scan button again...this time...."Who Needs You, I Got Mexico" was playing.  Those of you that know my personal situation, well, you know that song was all too appropriate!  The next song was even better....."I'm Much Too Young To Feel This Damn Old".  Yes, I love my country music, but it was hitting a little too close too home last night.

We made it to Tucumcari - it was almost 11:00 p.m. and we were all exhausted.  We pulled into the La Quinta and as Gia unpacked the car, I went inside to check in.  Now, I hadn't looked in a mirror most of the day, any make up that I had put on that morning was less than evident and I know my hair, well, I won't even go there.  However, I wasn't expecting the comment that came from the desk clerk (who remembered me from two weeks ago)....."Mrs. Paulin, my gosh, are you all right?"  I glanced at the mirror on the wall and about scared myself.....who was that woman in the mirror?  I was a cross from "What Not To Wear" and any "Before" picture for a make-up commercial.

So, this morning, we all slept in.  We left Tucumcari around 11:00 a.m. and stopped for lunch in Amarillo, Texas.  Joey did great today and it's been decided that if we return to California again, we will go via I-10....the most southern route we can take and I'm pretty sure there are not any elevation changes.

Except for constant road construction on I-40, today's trip went well.  However, I did have a brush with the law outside of Amarillo.  Yes, I was pulled over by a Texas State Trooper but I didn't get a ticket.......and NO, I didn't cry!    After Amarillo, we drove to Oklahoma City and stopped there to stretch our legs and then we continued on to Fort Smith.  Playing on the radio as we pulled into the hotel parking lot....."I Will Survive" (Gloria Gaynor).  :)

Tomorrow........"Sweet Home Alabama"!


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